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Marie Bigelow has been a doula since 2004, and has attended over 50 births.   She has supported women giving birth at hospitals and at births centers.  She has experience with VBACS, inductions, vacuum assisted deliveries, forcep deliveries, shoulder dystocia, unmedicated births, medicated births (epidurals and narcotics), cesarean birth, hypnobirths, Lamaze births, and of course, MUSIC BIRTHS.    

Marie has been married since 2001, and has 3 children.  She delivered all 3 of them naturally, using the MUSIC BIRTH method.

Birth Philosophy

Birth is a normal, healthy experience that should empower women and bring families closer together. 

When possible, fathers should be the main support giver during the birth.  It is my job to help dads shine in the delivery room, and prepare both parents to enter their birth feeling supported, educated, confident, and excited.

At your birth I provide whatever kind of support you need.  I typically provide comfort measures, physical support, music, answer questions, give encouragement, contact your family, and so on.

Doula Services  

Different packages are available to meet your needs.  

One to three prenatal appointments, or attendance in Marie's Music Birth childbirth education class.

Continuous labor and delivery support

Use of TENS unit

Immediate breastfeeding support

One or two postpartum visits

Birth story or blog entry from the doula's perspective as well as a CD-Rom of digital pictures and/or videos taken by Marie at the birth. 

Marie also provides a lending library for her clients.

All of my clients can also receive 50% off custom lullabies and birth announcements at


Fees vary depending on needs and services, but range from $450 to $550.  Click here for a complete list of price packages. 

Payment for the Music Birth class will go towards doula fees.

Prices can be negotiated depending on ability to pay. 


Marie graduated as valedictorian with a BS in Music Therapy.  After graduating, Marie specialized in Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth  She teaches MUSIC BIRTH childbirth preparation classes at St. Als.

Music Birth uses music to enhance pain management, relaxation, imagery, movement, breathing and bonding.  Marie also uses her therapeutic background to prepare couples mentally and emotionally for birth, along with physical preparation. 


Certified Doula through DONA

Board Certified Music Therapist

Certified Music Therapy Doula

Certified Music Therapy Childbirth Educator

LAMAZE trained

Certified in adult and infant CPR.

Advanced training in VBAC, Rebozo, and TENS units.

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