Leigh Short, CD(DONA)


Leigh is currently not accepting clients.  


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Leigh has been a doula for 8 years and has loved seeing herself and others change through  birth.  She has been involved in 30+ births, but who's counting.  She has done twins, epidurals, shoulder dystocia, c-sections, inductions, vacuum assisted, medicated, unmedicated, water birth, hospital, birth centers, home, and transports from home to hospital.  She has helped women through loss, over coming past abuse, surrogate deliveries, adoptions, and in vitro pregnancies.


She has been married for 10 years, and has four kids.  All of her children were delivered at home.   


Birth Philosophy


People are never more vulnerable than in birth.  They cry, sweat, expose their bodies, fear, and anticipate.  During this time they must be supported through physical, informational, and emotional support.  Their desired environment must also be guarded and protected.   This is a sacred time for them to grow individually and as a couple.  Their relationships and ability to parent strengthens.  When the experience is compromised through misunderstanding, disrespect, and unnecessary procedures they are scarred forever.  


Doula Services

Two or more prenatal visits.  Help draft birth preference plan.  Continuous labor support.  One to two postpartum visits.  Use of lending library.  Written individualized birth story and birth pictures if wanted.  



400.00 (prices may vary depending on distance traveled. )


Currently working on becoming a Hypnobabies instructor.


DONA certified for 5  years. 

Hypnobabies (trained) 

Neo Natal Resuscitation