Kim Strouse, CD(DONA)

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Kim has been a doula since 2004, and has attended over 50 births.  She has experience with inductions, forcep/vacuum deliveries, water births, birth center births, hospital births, home births, and emergency cesareans. 

Kim has two children of her own.

Birth Philosophy

Birth is a natural experience, our bodies were made to have babies.  I believe that well educated parents can make the best choices for a positive birth outcome.  I have taken clients that have wanted all natural births, and also those who wanted to be induced or have an epidural etc.  I am comfortable supporting whatever their decision is after they have educated themselves on what the possible outcomes might be with various interventions.   

Doula Services

Two or three prenatal appointments and appointment with caregiver, continuous labor and delivery support, and one follow up visit.




Kim sews and sells shopping cart covers.


Certified Doula through DONA

First Aid and CPR