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Macy Huberty, CD(DONA)

Macy is currently accepting clients.

Contact her at 899.5788 or MACYLLEHUB@yahoo.com


Macy Huberty has been a doula since 2008, and has attended over 40 births.   She has supported women giving birth at home, birthing centers and hospitals. She has specializes on VBACS and HBAC, Unmedicated birthing and out-of-hospital settings. She has experience with inductions, shoulder dystocia, medicated births (epidurals and narcotics), cesarean birth as well. 

Macy has been married for 5 years and has 3 young children. She has given birth in a hospital once and chose a local birthing center for her youngest two. 

Birth Philosophy

Birth is a natural and sacred time for a family. Honoring the sacred time is absolutely important. Families need to feel empowered, supported and safe through their journey into being parents. 

Holding the space and understanding truly unconditional support is a calling. I absolutely believe that every mother has everything she needs to birth her baby inside herself, and I believe in womens abilities unconditionally. Allowing a woman to listen to herself and support any needs of the family is amazing. 

Birth is sacred. 

Doula Services  

Initial Consultation and 'Get to know your doula' with no obligation and always a blessing.

2-3 Prenatal Appointments after hired

Phone and E-mail support through out pregnancy

Unconditional labor and birthing support

Labor and Birth photos for keepsakes of your empowering journey

1-2 Postpartum visits which includes breastfeeding support, cloth diapering education and baby wearing education if requested. 




Macy specializes in out of hospital births. Additionally she is passionate about the birthing rights of women. She is the Chapter Leader of ICAN of Boise. Being a part of ICAN is hard work advocating for the right to vaginally birth. 


Certified Doula through DONA