Get Your Practice on the Map

In order to list your practice on the map please agree to these 4 simple conditions:

1)  At least 2 times per year, you agree to offer birth doula services free or at a low cost of equal or less than $500 to low income families seeking support.  You don't have to have all of your clients pay less than $500, just make your services accessible to some low income families.  

2) In order to keep your free listing active, please email me each time you connect with a birth client through BDC.  Please let me know that you have offered free or low cost services to at least 2 clients per year.  

3) Please write a testimonial after you obtain a client through BDC telling others about how this system worked for you, your client, and the birth process.  

4) Please like our page on Facebook and refer your friends (every little effort helps this effort grow).  Feel free to put a link to your practice on the FB page wall. 

If you agree to these conditions, please email me 
at with the following:

1) A link to your web site (if you don't have a website provide a business phone number or email address where Mothers can reach you)
2) Specific details you would like on your listing: languages spoken, Free/low cost, address, contact info, etc.
3) A URL link to an image of your logo (if you have one and want it posted on the map... if you don't have one that's fine)
4) A statement in your email that you agree to offer free OR low cost doula services (equal or less than $500) 
    to at least 2 low income families per year.
5) A statement in your email that you will notify me via a brief email each time you connect with a birth client through BDC.
6) Let me know that you already "liked" the Facebook page (I'll look for your name there)  
7) Please tell me how you found out about BDC

Then I'll add you to the map asap!