Birth Doula Connection

Every Woman Deserves a Doula

                                     A Free Referral Program 


To connect birth doulas with low income women 
seeking free or low cost doula services.


     To expand the doula profession and ensure antenatal, birth, 
   and postpartum doulas for every woman and family that needs one. 

                                Ultimate goals 
                        • Increase public awareness of the benefits of doulas and midwifery care
                        • Facilitate doula certification to ensure quality of care
                        • Increase the number of certified doulas and midwives
                        • Effect a national cultural change in maternal child health care through increased involvement of advocates for women and natural childbirth
                        • Decrease health disparities by providing access to quality labor support for the women that need it most
                        • Improve maternal and neonatal outcomes by facilitating access to proper antenatal, birth, and postpartum support
                        • Decrease the national cesarean section rate
                        • Improve cost effectiveness in maternity care by reserving higher                                                                               interventions and expenses for truly necessary situations
                        • Enhance women's experiences of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood
                        • Facilitate and ease family transitions into parenthood and/or growth

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