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You wish to see!
Volunteer Doulas can Change the World! ... One birth at a time.

It's time to start a grassroots effort to help women and children in need.  Actually, all childbearing women and families are in need of support and advocacy.  The current statistical data for maternal and neonatal mortality (death), as well as the increasing rate of cesarean sections is indication enough for every woman to have access to a birth advocate.  Let's stop complaining and feeling powerless, and take back control of our healthcare and our rights as women.  Doulas are not a luxury for wealthy women anymore, they are a necessity for all women.  Imagine how different births would be "managed" if every woman had a professional birth advocate present for the family.  
This is the only way to ensure informed consent, proper emotional support, and physical comfort of laboring women.      

If you believe in the the mission, vision, and ultimate goals as stated on the home page then you should take initiative and get involved for your region.  Each city needs it's own resources and volunteer doula list.  It really is easy volunteer work that could benefit a mother or family in need.

There are so many women and families out there lacking proper support.  Please help them!

Don't wait for someone else to do it - just do it

You could facilitate a beautiful connection!  

Perks for being a Doula Activist:

1) Free National and Local advertising for your low cost or free services including:
  • A listing on the Map (click here) with your local group or business logo
  • A listing on the Doula Activists page with your picture linked to your practice website
2) Jump start your career by gaining birth and managerial experience through initiating and moderating a local group

3) Build your resume ~ Professional references are available for group initiators.    
    Written personally by Jannah Alaoui, CNM the founder of BDC.
4) Professionally and personal rewarding to facilitate beautiful connections