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Are you pregnant and interested in having additional support during your pregnancy, labor & delivery, or after the baby is born?  All families could use a little extra support around the birth of a new child.  Sometimes you might have questions about your medical care, relationships, or your baby but don't know where to turn for answers.  Other times (like during labor) you might need a little extra touch, TLC, and encouragement to help you through a difficult phase.  If you are trying to have an unmedicated birth, you might be interested in the services of a professional labor support specialist.  

At Birth Doula Connection we believe having proper support during childbirth is a human RIGHT that should be available to all women, not a privilege for the wealthy.  We are here to assist you in building your support network.  As evidenced by your visit to this site, you are already researching, taking action, and personal responsibility to ensure the well being of yourself and your baby.  That is a commendable act in this fast paced, often overwhelming life.  We urge you to continue your research and keep your options open.  

In the near future we hope to facilitate connections for pregnant and postpartum mothers too.   

We hope to have a group in every city or county as soon as possible.  Please spread the word. 
Feel free to write with any questions or comments.   

Thank You for your interest!
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