For Doulas

Welcome Doulas!
Are you a newly trained birth doula seeking birth experience for certification?  It can be challenging to locate those first few births when you are so eager to get started.  Birth Doula Connection was created by doulas and midwives for YOU!  It exists to facilitate your success and help mothers find support.  This is a free referral program that will help you get those births you need to jump start your career.  

Please click here to find your local yahoo group and join to see if there are any birth opportunities waiting for you there.  

Feel free to add your links, photos, and list your services within your group.  It's free advertising for you!  The only condition is that you offer your professional services for free or at a low cost (≤ $500 USD).  Birth Doula Connection knows that doulas work hard and should charge for their services.  However, we also know there are many women out there who do not have access to proper support.  This effort is to connect free or low cost doulas with women who need support.

If you do not see a group listed for your area, please consider becoming a Doula Activist and initiating your own regional group!

Perks for being a Doula Activist:

1) Free National and Local advertising for your services
2) Jump start your career by gaining birth and managerial experience
3) Build your resume ~ Professional references are available for group initiators.  Written personally by the founder of BDC.  
4) Professionally and personally rewarding to facilitate beautiful connections

Be the change 
You wish to see!