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Promoting Your Group

After creating your group you will need to promote it initially.  

Here are some ideas to get the word out:

Notifying mothers in need of the group:
1)  Email me at and I will send you free business cards to distribute to promote your group.  Include in your email how many cards you would like 20 - 200 and a mailing address.  When you receive the cards mail 5 - 10 to each of your local midwives, doulas, physicians, pro-life orgs and social workers requesting them to refer their clients to the group (Click here for referral request letter to include with the cards).  Most midwives, physicians, and experienced doulas are relieved to have a local service to offer their clients/patients that need extra support but can't afford expensive doula fees.  Here is a pic of the business cards created:


Notifying doulas in need of the group:   
2) Contact all local doula instructors and notify them of the group's web address and web site (mail business cards to them too).  Request that they tell their newly trained doulas and hand out the business cards for the group so they can obtain leads for birth experiences.  This will facilitate their certification requirements.