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Should Doulas charge for their services?

Answered in the humble opinion of the founder of BDC: 

Yes, all doulas should charge for their services.  The work of a doula is extremely valuable, time consuming, as well as physically and emotionally challenging.  Doulas are trained professionals and should charge a professional level fee based on their personal level of experience and relative to the local cost of living.  For example a new doula starting out in Silicon Valley, CA might do a few births for free to gain her confidence and initial experience but soon would start charging around $500 - $900 per birth.  A much more experienced doula can charge $1,000 - $1,800 per birth.  If a doula has advanced training, skills, or credentials she should charge more.  This service is very valuable and people should expect to pay for a professional care provider.
However, there are circumstances that warrant flexibility.  

Why should doulas be paid when they are just acting as a friend?

Who should have a free doula?