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Sharing the Album

The best way to share your photos of the event is to have another event to show the photo album to the honoree.  Of course, this may not be practical to do if people have traveled great distances to come to the event.  In this case, consider scheduling an online conference service where you can show your album to everyone and enjoy each others company (even if it is remotely) while you review your photos.  

You will, of course, also want to distribute a copy to everyone who attended the event online, on CD or on DVD whether or not you have a photo sharing event.  You may even wish to print a copy for the honoree. 

Remember,  CDs and DVDs do not last forever, so re-record every few years.  Hard drives fail, so don't depend exclusively on a hard drive to store your memories.  Online photo storage companies could go out of business on short notice, so don't rely on them exclusively.  Also, keep up with the technology.  At some point, CDs may no longer be readable due to technology upgrades.  (For example, you would have difficulty reading punched cards, paper tape, 5.25 or 3.5 inch diskettes today.   

If you decide to share your album publicly and it is in PowerPoint or PDF format, you might consider posting it on SlideShare.  Some albums which I have shared have received hundreds and others have received thousands of views.