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Photo Album

If you want to have a great photo album, plan it as you are planning your event.

Decide what photo(s) you would like to have on your album front cover, table of contents and back cover.  Be sure to capture those photos during the event. 

Front cover: You might like to have a photo of your honoree holding up a sign announcing the party, similar to the one on your invitations.

Alternatively, you might like to have a photo of the honoree and the attendees.  

Table of contents: You might like to have a photo of your honoree pointing to all of the contents or doing a thumbs up gesture.  Try to take a photo similar to the photo on the right which shows an enthusiastic Raewyn modelling her Champion ribbon1, Happy Birthday bandana/blindfold2 and her Birthday Surprises t-shirt and hat3. (Click on the photo to see all of the detail in the ribbon, bandana, t-shirt and even her ring.)

Back cover: You might like to have a photo of your honoree or all of the attendees preparing to head home.

Decide what chapters you will have in your photo album.  You might, for example, like to have the following chapters:

  1. The venue
  2. Setting up for the event
  3. The chefs and/or the menu
  4. The honoree arriving
  5. The guests greeting the honoree
  6. Wishes for the honoree
  7. The cake and/or candle ceremony
  8. The games and activities
  9. The gift presentations
  10. The cleanup crew

Decide what photos you would like to have on each chapter opening page as well as within the chapters.  One possibility would be to make a sign on 8.5 by 11 or A4 matte photo paper announcing each chapter title.    Take a Chapter Heading Photo with the relevant people holding the sign (or with the sign strategically positioned). 

Photo tips: As you plan and take your photos be sure to capture facial expressions in the photo rather than wide panoramas for most of your photos. If you can’t see a facial expression on your camera’s display then you are probably too far away from the subject (or have not zoomed in enough.)

Prior to your event take some practice photos before the event and view them on a computer screen to be sure all the camera settings are right. If indoors, adjust lighting as necessary.  Have lots of extra batteries if your camera uses AA or AAA batteries.  Have a backup camera just in case the primary camera fails.


  1 Ribbon by Hodges Badge of Middletown, RI.

  2 Bandanas purchased from various stores.  Pattern shown may not be available at this time. Why not make a special birthday bandana, customized with Honoree's name? 

  3 T-shirt and hat printed by VistaPrint.