Wedding flower in chicago - Hydrangea bridal bouquets.

Wedding Flower In Chicago

wedding flower in chicago
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Luxe Expressions Letterpress Wedding "flowers in france" Bellyband
Luxe Expressions Letterpress Wedding "flowers in france" Bellyband
This design was origionally made for a wedding in France but fits perfectly anywhere. This is a photo of the bellyband that wraps the holder of the invitation suite. The colores on this are gold on pearl colored cotton paper but easily are modified. This bellyband is letterpress printed in 1 ink color on 100 percent cotton paper.
Flower Girl
Flower Girl
What a sweet little girl!... & she got to wear a dress with pick ups like a mini bride : ) The flowers were beautiful too (rich fall colors)... I wish I could've gotten a little closer! Wedding party photos of strangers near Addler Planetarium in Chicago (a very popular spot!); I saw three separate wedding parties that evening.

wedding flower in chicago