House Decorating Software

house decorating software
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house decorating software - Total 3D
Total 3D Home Deluxe (Jewel Case)
Total 3D Home Deluxe (Jewel Case)
Total 3D Home™ separates itself from other products in its class since it is designed for you rather than an architect. Previous design skills are not needed. Whether you are remodeling your house decorating a room or designing your dream home the tools and inspiration you need are included. You ll have access to all the features you need without paying for features you don t want. System Requirements:Pentium PC or higher 16mb Ram available 2X CD-ROM 800 x 600 display Sound Card Mouse Speakers and 30-60 MB of HD AvailableFormat: WIN 98ME2000XP Genre: PRODUCTIVITY Rating: NR UPC: 018527106976 Manufacturer No: JCE-TH6

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your room is ready
your room is ready
Nevada City Hotel The front portion of this hotel was once a stage station providing respite to travelers of the stage-coach days. The hotel's famous, two-story outhouse may be the most photographed building in Montana! Two large rooms in the hotel are decorated with antique, Victorian furnishings, and all rooms and cabins have an Old West charm. The cabins are genuine miner's cabins lovingly restored for the guests' comfort. Some still have sod roofs. "About the year 1911, Homer Tash could see that in the not too distant future, gold dredging would be finished. He began to look for a ranch to buy and found a ranch near Twin Bridges, Montana. The home in Ruby was sold and on March 2, 1912, Homer, Nora and their five children started for the ranch. The ranch was two miles south of Twin Bridges, and was often referred to as the Clausen Place. There were two large barns, a granary, machine shed and milk house, and a very large house. These buildings had been built in the 1860's The place was a stagecoach stop, Salisbury, between Salt Lake and Helena for many years. The front part of the house was built of logs covered with weather boarding. Mr. Bovey of Virginia City purchased the log part of the house and it was rebuilt in Nevada City. It now serves as a motel." The present Nevada City Hotel still accepts overnight guests and invites you and your family to experience a true Western vacation. In the Hotel one can still view the Men's Saloon and Gambling Parlor which was a meeting place for the men to gamble and have conversation. (Behind the bar is a serving tray with three bullet holes in it.) Across the lobby is the Ladies' Parlor, where the more "gen-teel" women could sit and visit, read, write letters, enjoy some refreshments, play the piano, smoke, or chew and "expectorate" (that is - spit). There is a beautiful porcelain spittoon that is still present in the parlor. If the stage-coach was an "overnighter" the men would retire to the room over the Saloon. It contained four double bunks. Once the eight beds were filled the rest of the men had to sprawl out on the floor. The women's sleeping room was situated above their parlor. The sleeping room also had sleeping cots for the ladies. When they were filled, they too had to rest on the floor. These now are the Victorian rooms. They are decorated with exquisite Victorian furnishings. The two-story back section of the Hotel was originally a dormitory in the Canyon area of Yellowstone National Park, built c. 1911. It was modernized with private baths in all the rooms and is now the major part of the Hotel. The "Hotel" has been in four towns, yet only moved once. The building was originally in the town of Pollinger, twenty-six miles north of Nevada City (near the present-day Twin Bridges). Later the name of the town was changed to Gaffney's Station after its then postmaster, Owen Gaffney. At the time it was a stagecoach stop for the Gilmore and Salisbury, Co., which ran between Salt Lake City and Helena. In 1875 the name of the town was changed to Salisbury. The Post Office was discontinued in 1883. The building later served as a ranch house. In time, Charles Bovey bought the log structure and moved it to Nevada City where it now serves as a hotel. texture by Une Bella
A Blue Water Way Christmas
A Blue Water Way Christmas
I've been wanting to shoot the front of the house all decorated in Christmas lights with my digital camera so that I can do an HDR of it. Instead of doing that though I got out my Polaroid SX-70 and the tripod. I really wish there was a "fresh" color film for this camera, I really like the results I'm getting, but on long exposures like this, the blacks just aren't as nice as I'd like SX-70 with Edge Cut film with some slight color adjustment in the scanner software.

house decorating software
house decorating software
Our House
A companion title to Majesco's Our House: Party! for Wii, Our House for Nintendo DS is the only home building simulation available that lets players build and furnish the home of their dreams by completing home improvement contracts. Plan, design, build, remodel and decorate client residences, then use your earnings to construct and furnish your own home sweet home!

Our House is a single player simulation game for DS and DSi that allows players to experience the home do-it-yourself craze from all levels. Packed with construction themed mini-games involving jobs to be performed for demanding clientele, an in-game economy and even eventual home design and ownership for the in-game character, it is a unique handheld gaming experience suitable for players of all levels, ages and genders. Features include: 100+ mini-games, 400+ in-game items, multiple upgradable homes and the ability to store items.
Our House game logo Construction jobs available in Our House for DS
Build your dream home one job at a time. View larger.
Create Your Own Home, Sweet Home
A companion title to Majesco’s Our House: Party! for Wii, Our House for Nintendo DS is the only home building simulation available that lets players build and furnish the home of their dreams by completing home improvement contracts. Plan, design, build, remodel and decorate client residences, then use your earnings to construct and furnish your own home sweet home. From replacing flooring, to hanging cabinets, to removing wallpaper and redecorating, the intuitive touch screen and stylus of the DS and DSi lets you design and remodel your personalized trophy home.
Key Game Features
Create your own dream home on the DS system, one contractor's job at a time
Remodel and earn money using skills learned in more than 100 building mini-games
Choose work for hire contracts from the Job Board and Newspaper. Renovate kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and more for 10 eccentric homeowners with unique tastes in decor
Swing by Our Showroom to buy any of the more than 400 available appliances, furniture, lighting, and other knickknacks to increase the appeal and value of your home
Play against time or quality metrics to earn potential bonuses for completing projects
Build the value of up to five possible character owned homes throughout the game by altering upgradable elements using monies earned for completion of in-game jobs
Keep track of your possessions in Storage
Additional Screenshots
Brick and mortar construction job in Our House for DS
Utilize on-the-job advice.
View larger. Circuit breaker wiring mini-game in Our House for DS
Electrifying mini-games.
View larger. Installing wallpaper in Our House for DS
Precision interior work.
View larger. Buying furniture for your own home with the money earned in-game in Our House for DS
Aesthetic finishing touches.
View larger.