Decorating white kitchen cabinets : Mediterranean table decor

Decorating White Kitchen Cabinets

decorating white kitchen cabinets
    kitchen cabinets
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decorating white kitchen cabinets - Black Toile
Black Toile Contact Paper
Black Toile Contact Paper
This tastefully designed Black White Toile Contact Paper would be great for decorating any horizontal or vertical surface. Tough, durable and repels stains. Wipes clean easily. It could be used for a variety of projects. Each roll features an easy-to-peel liner and an adhesive that allows it to be repositioned during installation without leaving a sticky residue. It's easy to apply, easy to remove and easy to keep clean. Simply cut to length or shape for a custom application. Size of each roll: 18 inches x 9 feet (45 cm x 275 cm).

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Elegant + modern white kitchen: Marble counter + open shelves + Farrow & Ball's 'Shaded White'
Elegant + modern white kitchen: Marble counter + open shelves + Farrow & Ball's 'Shaded White'
The galley kitchen of designer Phoebe Howard’s Atlanta apartment. Walls are painted Farrow & Ball’s Shaded White. Open shelves are from the Kitchen Source; dishwasher from Fisher & Paykel. Says Howard: “Stools and a bar-height table rather than dining chairs and a regular 30-inch table keep it from feeling congested. There are no cabinets above the marble countertop, just chunky floating shelves wrapped in stainless steel, and an antiqued mirror in a tortoiseshell frame. I've always lived in old houses with windows above the kitchen sink — the mirror's the window I couldn't have here." Photo by J. Savage Gibson, House Beautiful, December 2007.
Magenta Kitchen
Magenta Kitchen
Ok, I've been keeping my 1970 decorating posts to about 5 every Saturday morning, but there are so many juicy kitchen choices I couldn't pare down. I generally like all of these (although some of the wallpaper/fabric choices leave a bit to be desired). Caption reads: Spirited red streaks boldly across upper and lower cabinets, including dishwasher, against a backdrop of sparkling white. The giant blossoms on the wallpaper, always fresh behind a coating of vinyl, continue their kaleidoscope pattern across the two panels of the refrigerator. An effective color scheme must show true at night too; luminous panels guarantee cheerful general lighting.

decorating white kitchen cabinets
decorating white kitchen cabinets
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