Wall decorations for parties. Decorative window casing.

Wall Decorations For Parties

wall decorations for parties
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wall decorations for parties - Simple Stunning
Simple Stunning Parties at Home: Recipes, Ideas, and Inspirations for Creative Entertaining
Simple Stunning Parties at Home: Recipes, Ideas, and Inspirations for Creative Entertaining
"When the opportunity for celebrating knocks, answer the door and offer it some champagne!" says Karen Bussen. Author of the bestselling "Simple Stunning" wedding series, Bussen now directs her expert’s eye to a more intimate kind of festivity: the at-home party. Her simple stunning credo, though, remains the same: Create menus featuring wonderful ingredients in no-fuss, crowd-pleasing preparations; combine homemade and store-bought items in fresh, elegant presentations; tailor colors, tableware, and lighting for visual impact; and limit effort, expense, and waste.

The book details 12 complete plans for four different kinds of parties?cocktail gatherings, casual suppers, formal dinners, and daytime get-togethers. Each plan includes food and drink menus (with recipes) as well as decor and music suggestions. Following Bussen’s advice, you’ll delight your guests while showcasing your personal style?which is what great parties are all about.

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Dining Room and Kitchen
Dining Room and Kitchen
Our house is still lacking some furniture, but at least all of the painting is done (every room in the house except the Kittens' bedroom and we have a few places to sit now. We had our housewarming party yesterday and it was a lot of fun! We had a bunch of neighbors stop by to meet us and see what we had done to our home. A lot of our family members came as well to see the house and spend some time visiting.
Butterfly Decoration
Butterfly Decoration
One of the many butterfly decorations I cut out using my awesome and amazing Silhouette Machine! These will be hung up on the walls, paper lanterns, and on candles and chairs and things (we'll have edible ones on the cake too!) for my daughters 3rd birthday party. The paper underneath the black is actually a pearlized pink color O,o I love them so much I'm going to start selling them!

wall decorations for parties
wall decorations for parties
Fabulous Parties
Packed with advice and inspiration from three of Los Angeles most popular party providers, Fabulous Parties reveals their professional secrets and enables you to create your own sensational celebration for any occasion. Drawing on many years of hands-on experience as floral designers and caterers to Los Angeles A-listers, Mark Held and Richard David of Mark s Garden and Peggy Dark of The Kitchen have adapted the principles of putting together a large, lavish event to a more intimate scale and lower budget. The harmonious relationship between food and flowers is clearly shown in beautiful, specially commissioned photographs, which showcase twenty themed events inspired by those created for their celebrity clients. All of the events included have a theme, dA©cor, and menu. Choose from a Rustic Italian Party, a colorful Caribbean Dinner, a lavish New Year s Eve celebration, an elegant Wine Tasting, or a glamorous Pink Ladies Luncheon, plus many more. Useful practical instruction on how to achieve professional results at home is given in a section on Floristry Tips and Techniques.

Celebrity clients who enjoy parties created by Mark s Garden and The Kitchen include Oprah Winfrey, Cher, Diane Keaton, George Clooney, Teri Hatcher, Tommy Hilfiger, Donatella Versace, and many more.

I have used Mark s Garden for flower arrangements for over a decade, and they never get old or predictable. Lisa Marie Presley.