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Butterflies Wall Decor

butterflies wall decor
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butterflies wall decor - Umbra Monarchy
Umbra Monarchy Wall Décor, Set of 24
Umbra Monarchy Wall Décor, Set of 24
Invite the Monarchy of fluttering butterflies from Umbra to preside over your room! This set of 24 molded butterflies with white finish and chrome antennae add whimsy and a touch of nature to any decor style. Each butterfly individually mounts to the wall with a simple snap-in tack or light-duty adhesive for infinite configurations. Three unique sizes are included: 3.5 x 6, 4.5 x 4, and 3 x 5 inches. Designed by Dennis Cheng and Umbra Design Group for Umbra - a worldwide leader in casual, contemporary and affordable design for the home.

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Butterfly Wall Decor
Butterfly Wall Decor
This butterfly was inspired by an altered clothes hanger in the last issue of Craft, Paper, Scissors. I saw the cut out butterfly and went from there, making my finished project very different from the inspiration piece. I finished the ribbon with some vintage buttons. I really like this piece and hope to make one for myself.
Mounted Butterfly Heart Art Wall Decor in Black Frame
Mounted Butterfly Heart Art Wall Decor in Black Frame
These 20 mounted butterflies, 18 Phoebis philea and 2 Blue Morpho Butterfly of the didius species. This piece is 18 x 18 in black framing. Double pane glass, on the front and back so you can see the wall behind the piece.

butterflies wall decor