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Celebrating Creativity

How can we sustain and celebrate our creativity?

In our first enquiry, we explored whether we can contribute to the green debate by using textiles creatively. 

'Textile students and staff involved in first enquiry have realised importance of creative learning and their voice in the school. In our second enquiry we developed our learning across the whole school, working with our students developing pupil voice across our school.

Students programmed a community Green Event,- 'The 100 show' a unique experience in which art and fashion, the new and the old, dance and music, our culture and the culture of our South African partners, will fused together to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the school.'

Working with Allison Sadler of The People Shop and We are Birmingham, 'The 100 show' at MAC showcased  our work. We embeded pupil voice across our school, and launched our new in-house Creative Leadership Award.  It also involved visiting and working with local venues and shadowing the University of Birmingham's Ethical fashion show.

Student comment:

'It was our responsibility. Obviously it was our show, it was for us, our beliefs, our responsibilities. It was our thing. If we were told to do something it's something we worked out together.  You don't have to do that by yourself, there's always somebody to help you. Quite a few people in my class helped me with things to do, and parents, teachers, and Allison. They were more than happy to help.'

Teacher comment:

'Collaboration within school was outstanding. Above and beyond call of was being directed by pupils and their enthusiasm was infectious.'

Student Comment:

'Too many people are like looking at you, it takes a lot of confidence [to be a presenter]. There's a team of presenters working together. You'll always be with someone on stage, so we'll help each other out.'

Teacher comment:

'They've developed their understanding of creative design. Creative approaches to design - risk taking, problem finding and solving, reflection and determination to keep going. Now they think 'out of box' in terms of materials they might use, develop ideas more deeply, follow properly their ideas of innovation and how to integrate it into an outfit, or a finished outcome...In terms of their hats, they have pushed boundaries even further - radical way in which materials are chosen and the hats developed as artworks'

Checking out the MAC as a venue


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