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Building Bricks

Building Bricks - Creative Learning with 
Birmingham Archives and Heritage Team

Pupils from Worlds End Infants were given the opportunity to make their own bricks and waterwheel, thanks to the expertise of Avoncroft Museum, Sarehole Mill and Archives and Heritage Service.

Building Bricks 1

A visit to see the working Sarehole Mill was followed by a visit from Archives and Heritage Service, to show the children unique archive maps and images.

Building Bricks 2

Children visited Avoncroft when they ‘pugged’ the clay and made their own bricks, ready to be fired.

Building Bricks 3

I worked with the children to make their own brick moulds, following the process used 200 years ago when child labour would have been commonplace.

Building Bricks 4

The decorated oversized bricks will be used at the school to build a working waterwheel, together with help from 15 year olds from Quinzone Construction team.

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