Where We Start

Where we start is right here in front of the old, now bricked up, entryway into Snow Hill Railway Station in Birmingham. The rest of the station is working again and this door will be incorporated into the new structure, but will remain bricked up. There are other odd corners....and pubs, in Birmingham, and that's what we'll be looking at here. Like our other websites, elsewhere on the net, you'll find the usual links to the right hand side, and littered throughout the main bodies of text. We hope that you'll find something or somethings that that will interest you. The past, the present and the future meet here.The meeting place, the second city of England, the birth place of the Industrial Revolution, a musical crucible.... Birmingham, a city of a million or so people. It's not perfect, but it's home. Having said that, welcome, one and all to this website, primarily about Birminghams odd corners, but by the very nature of of time, people and place, also about England, The Heart of Albion, looked at from the point of view of Birmingham. History, music (lots of that) people, places. We'll try and dig up some of the odd side to Birmingham and the West Midlands, and our neighbours. A example of what we mean by  odd and, in this case hilarious, can be found on the page entitled Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35 at 8 Miles High..... Look....we're going to get moving here; you coming along, then?

The Crown at Digbeth
Library of Birmingham Rewriting the Book

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Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter
has long been recognised as a
lovingly-restored reminder of the
city's industrial hey day.

Birmingham Music Archives
established by Jez Collins in order
to recognise and celebrate Birmingham’s
rich musical heritage. We want Birmingham
to take pride in its musical heritage and to
start shouting out about it. Other cities aren’t
shy in celebrating their successes and
neither should we
everything you need to know
brought to you by Google
our take on the history of
the Birmingham and
West Midlands pop music scene
linking up Birmingham’s artistic
and creative communities
not just Maureen Carter, as
you'll see. murder, mayhem
and all sorts of goings on
an online history of one of the
most active neighbourhoods in
the past and the present of
another vital area of Birmingham
local history, the bigger picture
and we start with a massive, and we
do mean massive photo display of
 the canals in and around Birmingham
and further afield
one of the local newspapers
local news, international perspective
Six hundred paces from the Bull Ring is
Birmingham's revolutionary new arts
and media quarter.
a vital part of Birmingham's history
our original website, concerning
Birmingham from whence came
 Birmingham Fragments.
heralded as 'the excellent
and far-sighted Tindal Street Press'
 (Independent), this prize-winning
independent publisher offers readers
the best of contemporary regional fiction.
rich in history and tradition,
all visitors to the Jewellery Quarter
will no doubt venture along Warstone Lane,
one of the main streets of the area.
local radio