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Blood or Urine Alcohol Analysis

Birmingham City Laboratories

Blood or urine analysis following failed drink driving breath test or road traffic accident

Individuals who choose or are required by the police (under the Road Traffic Act 1988, Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988 or the Transport and Works Act 1992) to give a specimen of blood or urine for alcohol analysis will, at the same time, be offered a part of the specimen for their own retention or independent testing.

We at BCL are a UKAS accredited independent test house and can analyse this specimen for you to determine the level of alcohol in the blood or urine sample. The process is simple.

What to do:

Contact us by email or telephone and we will be happy to talk you through the procedure.

We can send you a submission form to fill in or you will need to provide the following with the sample:

Where/how report to be sent
Telephone number/email address 

It is important that you do not open the specimen bag or tamper with the specimen in any way as this will potentially void any analytical results. It is preferable that while in your possession the specimen is kept cool - in a refrigerator is suitable.

Drink Drive Blood Alcohol Analysis

Sending the sample:

Make sure it is sent in a secure package to prevent damage to the specimen and if delivering in person is not possible it is important to send it by registered post or special delivery so the package is signed for on receipt at the laboratory. Remember to enclose all the information listed above together with payment as analysis cannot commence without this.