Underground Utilities

Buried services can be a significant factor when planning for your new development and it is essential that you know the location of plant, to work safely and efficiently before the construction stage.
BCL's Site Investigation and Surveys have over 30 years’ experience carrying out extensive utility surveys and with the more recent implementation of PAS 128 (the current British Standard for utility detection) we have extended our range of services and developed them in line with the four available survey category types:

  • Survey Category Type D – Underground utility record data only (not detected by geophysical methods).
  • Survey Category Type C – As per level D but with site reconnaissance to match utility record with physical utility street furniture as a best fit.
  • Survey Category Type B – Utilities detected by geophysical methods to obtain a horizontal position and/or vertical position an mapped on topographical base mapping
  • Survey Category Type A – Verification of type and positioning of buried services by visual identification, achieved by vacuum excavation, hand dug trial pitting or by visual inspection within a utility chamber.
Utility Records Search

Obtaining utility records is the first step to help you meet your Health & Safety obligations (HSG047) to avoid utility strikes on site. 
BCL's Site Investigation & Surveys offer a cost effective service to supply you with a Utility Search Report for your site.

  • Reports are compliant with PAS128, Survey Level D.
  • Reports are extensive; collating information from all known potential providers
  • Reports are typically delivered within 15 working days 
  • Reports help satisfy your obligations under HG047
  • Utility CAD Pack

If required we can provide you with a CAD drawing plotted from utility record data only, but with site reconnaissance to match utility record with physical utility street furniture as a best fit.

Information is compliant with Pas 128, Survey Level C
Information is collated in one definitive and easy to read CAD file, saving you the time and expense having to go through each individual record available for your site. 

Utility Mapping

Statutory utility record drawings can be incomplete and are often found to be inaccurate; privately owned apparatus may be present but no records exist.  

For the designer a Utility Mapping Survey will confirm existence, determine if buried services pose a constraint to development and establish potential need for diversion works. 

For site works a Utility Mapping Survey is necessary to demonstrate compliance with the best practice for Health & Safety, to ensure a safe system of work and a safe working environment prior to excavation works.

BCl's Site Investigation & Surveys work with surveyors to provide you with an accurate record of buried utilities detected using geophysical methods. 

The following utility mapping survey types we can manage on your behalf, are:

  • PAS 128 Quality Level B Full Utility Mapping (which also includes Drainage Connectivity) utilises Electromagnetic Locating (EML) and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) techniques. The survey is presented with each linear section of detected utility represented with a quality code (B1;B2;B3). This enables you to plan your projects with regard to utility infrastructure and highlight any areas of concern that may require further investigation to verify the survey's findings.
  • The Survey Association Higher Level Category 4/5 specification for Full Utility Mapping can offer a more cost effective alternative approach to PAS 128 when the horizontal/vertical accuracy isn’t as critical (typical detection accuracy is +/-0.25m)
  • Utility Clearance Surveys for Identification of safe areas for boreholes and trial pits using electro-magnetic and ground penetration radar locating techniques.
  • Void/ buried structures detection using Ground Penetrating Radar techniques.
PAS 128 Survey Category Type A

BCL's Site Investigation & Surveys have significant experience when it comes to intrusive investigations which seek to prove the location of buried services. 

A PAS 128 category Type A Utility Survey verifies position by physical identification and accurate recording using GPS survey techniques. This may be by strategically positioned vacuum excavation, hand dug trial pitting or by visual inspection within a utility chamber.

If you need to establish the location of buried services on your site, BCL's Site Investigation & Surveys can help.
Underground Utilities