Site Investigation & Survey

The origins of BCL's Site Investigation & Surveys section can be traced back to the turn of the twentieth Century, when we operated under the banner of IRL (Industrial Research Laboratories) as a Public Works Department that provided Birmingham City Council with expertise in a diverse repertoire of testing functions.

The City of Birmingham Act of 1964 allowed us to provide Laboratory Services to the general public as a trading organisation. Since that time our unique and non-readily available archives and historical information, complied by undertaking ground investigations over the last 65 years, has set us apart from the rest. There aren’t many places in Birmingham where we haven’t sunk a borehole - or two!

Our current team have over 35 years’ experience carrying out comprehensive Site Investigation services to public and private sector clients. Over the years we have streamlined our operations to emerge as a competitive Site Investigation and Surveys management section; increasingly we were being asked to step outside the box, to procure and manage other related surveys to support planning applications and provide design guidance for Architects, Engineers and Designers alike. 

BCL's Site Investigation & Surveys offers you an extensive survey management service which is marketed to take the stress out of your procurement. Whether required by local authorities to meet their planning validation requirements, or to assist the design of a project, our established and dedicated Technical Management service is here to provide you with a single-sourcing solution and we will manage the entire process through to final delivery on your behalf. 

  • Site Investigation
  • Land & Measured Building Surveys
  • 3D Laser Scanning, Data Capture - Survey to BIM
  • Underground Utilities (Utility Records Searches & Utility Mapping surveys)
  • Drainage Investigations & Water Leak Detection
  • Archaeology & Heritage
  • Ecology
  • Invasive Species
  • Tree Surveys & Reports
  • Surface Water & Flood Risk
  • Transport
  • Air Quality, Noise, Vibration & Light