Ferroscan Survey

Birmingham City Laboratories use the Hilti PS 200 Ferroscan detection system that determines the position of reinforcement, measures the depth of concrete cover and estimates the diameter of reinforcment in a non-destructive manner.

The ferroscan device can be used for reinforcement identification, analysis, checking concrete cover over large areas and for  structural repair work. The instrument can also be used for building acceptance inspections and quality control. Coring and hammer drilling rebar avoidance. Capable of combining multiple scans in a large-area view for visual presentation. 

Quickscan Recordings showing where depth of cover is inadequate (with statistics)

It automatically assembles individual Imagescans into large-area images that provide a comprehensive view of the reinforcement.

The Ferroscan is similar to scanning for concrete cover or location with a standard electromagnetic covermeter, however the level of detail and data recording is far more advanced. On a day to day basis BCL still uses covermeters extensively to determine concrete cover when undertaking carbonation tests and other concrete condition assessments.

Ferroscan Hilti