Concrete Condition Surveys

The Building Investigation team has a gained extensive knowledge investigating, testing and surveying a wide range of reinforced concrete structures & buildings; these include, bridges, tunnels, coastal defenses  historic buildings, multi-storey car parks, high-rise buildings, system built dwellings, swimming pools, industrial facilities and office buildings.
Understanding the design, material characteristics and deterioration processes affecting reinforced concrete buildings or structures is essential in diagnosing the causation and extent of defects affecting a structure. This enables a durable and cost effective concrete repair to be instigated and decisions made with regard to life-costing. We provide in-depth reports detailing our findings and also provide advice on the most appropriate repair strategies and systems.
Undertaking a sufficient and appropriate concrete survey is a requirement of BS EN 1504, Products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures. 

Birmingham City Laboratories are associate members of the Concrete Repair Association