Asbestos Refurbishment / Demolition Survey

An asbestos Refurbishment / demolition Survey is required where the premises, or part of it, need upgrading, refurbishment or demolition. 

The Survey must locate and identify all ACM's before any structural work begins at a stated location or on stated equipment at the premises. It involves destructive inspection and asbestos disturbance. The area surveyed must be vacated, and certified 'fit for reoccupation' after the survey.

UKAS Accreditation specifically for Inspection provides clients with an assurance of a surveyor's competence.

Competent surveyors:
  • Have survey knowledge, and know the risks in surveying
  • Have training and experience, and recognise their limitations
  • Use a quality management system
  • Show independence, impartiality and integrity
  • Do their work in accordance with good practice guidance, eg as in HSG264
Asbestos Management Survey