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free ringtone download to computer
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Okay so here is the story! My boss's computer died last week and I was heading out of town for the weekend so I sent it to the IT department here at the University. Turns out it is a bad motherboard and the system is no longer under warranty. Well, we are getting her a new computer any way so there is no use in spending over $250 for the new motherboard. However, the files on the drive are very important so I had IT return the hard drive to me. Now the DIVINITY comes into play. Its an SATA drive and I do not have any cables to do a direct tie in to an other system. I do however have a SATA kit for turning an old laptop hard drive (HDD) into a portable drive. Problem solved right? No! The desktop HDD case is larger than a laptop HDD case and will not fit into the kit case. A little time examining the case and I am able to figure out how to dismantle it and get the circuit board that has the connector for SATA via USB and a DC through USB power amp. Alright! Perfect! I can just hook it right up to my PC via USB and get all her files! Right? No! The power amp is not enough through USB to spin the HDD. Oh well, guess I have to go back to the IT department and have them get the data off and charge us for it right? No! I notice that the SATA HDD has a concealed connection port on the back the exact same shape as the power coupling that comes off a desktop computer power supply. A few minutes later and some prying with a bent paper clip and the power connection port is open. I popped open the case on a computer in another office (sure not going to experiment with mine!) and connect the HDD, slip on the SATA connector from the kit, plug in the USB and fire up the system! WOO HOO! It powers the HDD and all the files show up in the Drive list! Access to the needed files is achieved! Now to just plug in my USB jump drive and transfer the files. Right? No! I have so much stuff on my jump drive and well over 2 gigs to transfer so I am out of luck on getting my boss her files today. Right? No! Praise the Lord and pass the extra 4 gig thumb drive that I have in my office still in the wrapper thanks to my dear dear DEAR FREAKING DEAR friend Susan (talanheart). All files now transferred and ready to give to the boss. See the notes on the image for various information on how a GOD OF COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY works his magic. Oh, and if you doubt my divinity status ask Flickr user Mooseisloose! 29/365
My 1987 Laptop Computer !
My 1987 Laptop Computer !
This photo was taken almost 20 years ago. The computer is a portable Compaq. Instead of portable, I called it Transluggable. It weighed about 28 pounds. I would lug it from C&K to my home at night. Price: US$3,590 (two floppy system) Weight: 28 pounds. CPU: Intel 8088, 4.77MHz RAM: 128K, 640K max Display: 9" monochrome monitor built-in 80 X 25 text Color graphic card Storage: Two 320K 5-1/4" disk drives Ports: 1 parallel (expansion card) OS: MS-DOS Photo: 1987 06 23 Transluggable Compaq Computer

free ringtone download to computer