Over the course of the 2011-12 academic year, we sponsored a showcase at each university to promote the work of pre-service teachers and their use of technology. Learn more about these Showcase events below.

California State University, Bakersfield

June 1 was exciting. CSUB’s Symposium was a smashing success!  We had rave reviews similar to the outstanding Showcase at Sonoma State in the fall.  It was a great evening of sharing lesson plans, learning objects (Google Earth & iMovie). Posters and mini-presentations were shared with each pre-service teacher presenting one project as a poster and one project before the audience as a whole. We even had a keynote speaker, Erik Lassen, design engineer for SpaceShip One and Two, share his STEM experiences and the importance of teachers. Families, faculty, education community members, and administrators mingled and celebrated the multiple successes. 

 Additional information including lesson plans and links to the learning objects may be found on the EdVention Symposium site:

The two learning objects, one created in Google Earth and the other on the iPad using iMovie, were developed to engage students in a standards-based, technology-infused lesson.  Students designed the learning objects and crafted lesson plans.  Their presentations demonstrated the connection between excellent teaching and the use of supportive technologies.
For background and rationale on the learning objects, please see: 

San Diego State University

Coming during the fall semester 2012!

Sonoma State University

On December 8, 2011, the Pre-Service Teacher Technology Showcase provided pre-service teachers and recent credential students in their first years of teaching with an opportunity to present how they have used or plan to use technology in the classroom to support students and student learning. The Showcase was run like a poster session at a conference and allowed students to share with attendees their unit plans, lessons, or activities that incorporated new media technologies.

The goal of the Showcase was to highlight how our novice (pre) teachers were integrating technology in their work with students. The focus was not just on the technological tools the teachers are employing but also on the content objectives as well: how are they creating a better learning environment for students through the integration of this technology? We also offered "how-to" stations on Google Earth, Google Docs, and iPad apps for attendees interested in learning about new, cool tools for teaching.

Some examples of the 13 student presentations included a middle school science teacher using Google Maps to highlight plate tectonics and numerous earthquakes; a high school history teacher employing a Flickr gallery to analyze Russian propaganda during the Cold War; a middle school English teacher relying on blogs to stimulate student discussion about students' outside reading books; a high school math teacher using Google Earth to have students learn about the Pythagorean theorem by measuring distance; and special education pre-service teachers using an iPad app called proloquo2go to promote student communication.

Here are two video snippets of the Pre-Service teachers in action at the Showcase:

Pre-Service Teacher Technology Showcase Part I

Pre-Service Teacher Technology Showcase Part II