Event Photography Workshop

Facilitated by Mark Yokoyama, Co-founder, Les Fruits de Mer. Email: 

Purpose: A practical, hands-on workshop to help any organization look their best and increase their exposure in traditional and social media through better event photography.

Overview: It may be hard to define great event photography, but we know it when we see it: bright, colorful images of busy events with people of all ages and backgrounds engaged and having fun. These are the images that help get your press release featured prominently in the local newspaper and generate positive buzz on social media. They are the hook that grabs visitors when they see your website and the emotional connection that drives sponsorships and donations.

In this workshop, learn how to consistently get great photos at events—from planning to shooting to editing to sharing—whether you are your photo chops in house. The workshop will take you step by step through the process, focused on practical advice that can be implemented by any organization and hands-on practice during the workshop. You can put your new skills immediately to good use by photographing birds and events at the meeting and entering your photos in the BirdsCaribbean Photography Contest

  • Learn how to find and work with photographers
  • Learn how to photograph your own events
  • Learn how to organize and edit your event photos
  • Learn best practices for using and sharing event photos
Session Structure
  1. Presentation: Introduction, Finding and Working with Photographers, Photography Basics
  2. Hands-on Activity: Photographing Events
  3. Presentation and Discussion: Post-production, Using and Sharing Photos