Life Cycle Of Birds

By: Monty Ort

This web page was created to show teacher's and student's the life cycle of birds from a egg to an adult bird. Our fourth grade teacher team felt it was very important to include the life cycle of birds in our web site. This web page will help people learn about the process birds go through from bird to death. We have created a digital story that looks at cardinals specifically to show how they change from birth. You can view our digital story by clicking on the following link Life Cycle Of Birds. This video will be god for the teacher to show the class at the beginning of the lesson about birds life cycles. This digital story shows how cardinals reproduce, mate, how they nest, how they find food sources and where they live.  Northern cardinals are mostly found in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. They usually find one mate to live with the rest of their life and don't migrate to the south in the winter. The following link is a lesson plan that will have the students create a bird collage and create a data collection sheet of birds. Click on this link to upload the lesson plan Life Cycle Lesson Plan.

Here are a list of a few more websites that will help the teacher and students create a better understanding of a all kinds of different birds:
The Bird Channel, Terra Nature, Wild Birds, A birds World,  and National Geographic.