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The Edge of The San Francisco South Bay

Ravenswood Open Space Preserve

Palo Alto Baylands Nature Preserve

Duck Pond, Restored Tidal Salt Marsh, The Bay, Byxbee Recreation Area, Bay Trail

Adobe Creek, Charleston Slough, Salt Pond

The Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society's Wetlands Discovery Program: Adobe Creek, Charleston Slough, Coast Casey Forebay, Salt Pond A1, Shoreline Lake

Mountain View Shoreline, Stevens Creek Trail, Salt Ponds

Mountain View Shoreline, Shoreline Lake, Salt Ponds A1 and A2W, Charleston Road Marsh, Stevens Creek Trail, Stevens Creek Tidal Slough and Marsh, Don Edward's Stevens Creek East Levee Road, Crittenden Marsh (Nature Study Area), Salt Ponds AB1 and A2E

Sunnyvale Bay Trail and Sunnyvale Baylands Park, Salt Pond

Bay Trail, Sunnyvale Water Pollution Control Plant, Salt Pond A4, Sunnyvale Baylands Park, Meadow Trail, Open Water Bird Preserve, Guadalupe Slough, Harvey Marsh

Alviso Marina, Environmental Education Center, Salt Ponds

Alviso Marina, Salt Pond A12, State & Spreckles, Disk Drive, New Chicago Marsh, The Don Edward's Environmental Education Center, Salt Ponds A16 and A17