Anyone can read this site. However, if you are interested in adding information to this site, please contact me with your name and email and I will add you to the contributors list. I welcome any contributions that helps to make birding in BiH more accessible!

Good Birding!  Wayne Scott, Site Administrator

What this site hopes to accomplish:

This is a Website to promote birding in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). BiH is surrounded by countries for which birding tourism is reasonably well-established. While general tourism, and to some degree adventure tourism, are a growing industry here, detailed information about birds and birding hotspots in BiH is not available and birding tours are non-existant to my knowledge. While the country list of about 340 species is perhaps a little less than other inland countries, coverage has been much less and the body of knowledge about avian distribution and abundance is lacking. The potential for expanding the list and adding new information to the current knowledge in BiH is quite high. For a tourist interested in a new European experience and for local enthusiasts, this will serve as a source of up-to-date information. 

I encourage anyone with useful information appropriate to the site to contribute. Please help the effort!

Here is the kind of information we need:

   A. Specific information about favorite birding localities:

  • Why is this a good site
  • Detailed driving directions (Google Maps)
  • Where specifically to find target birds (be as specific as possible)
  • Location of nearby places to stay (if possible)
  • Good restuarants
  • If you are interested in leading or offering information to birders seeking help

    B. Where to find interesting target species (See here for a preliminary list of birds that birders might be interested in seeing)

  • Develop a more up-to-date database of sightings (information about the distribution and abundance of bird species
  • Maps from Google Earth (Maps) can pinpoint sightings very accurately
  • I encourage the use of the Website: Ebird.org. It is an international database of sightings maintained by the Laboratory of Ornithology at Cornell University in the USA. I post most of my sightings there. It is FREE and easy to use!
    C.  Other information:
  • BiH Trip Reports and lists
  • Lists: country, kantonal, area.
  • Seasonal distribution
  • Documentation for rare sightings
  • OTHER?

Recent Announcements

  • Sarajevo Map with Target Species Locations I've started a map with drop pins for specialty, harder-to-find species. Here is the link.It is very much a work in progress.
    Posted Mar 16, 2011, 5:19 AM by Wayne Scott
  • March 15: New Files added I added two new files. One is a more compact checklist of BiH birds; the other is a template of sorts for entering information about good birding locations in BiH
    Posted Mar 15, 2011, 12:00 AM by Wayne Scott
  • Birding Around Sarajevo Check out my Bosnia-Herzegovina Blog for recent posts.
    Posted Mar 14, 2011, 7:31 AM by Wayne Scott
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Anyone willing to share photos of birds or birding sites here in BiH? The site needs some added color. Please send photos to me or to Drazen Kotrosan.