Meet The Author

Kateri J. Davis is a dedicated aviculturist who is interested in promoting mousebirds, turacos, and all birds thus preserving them in aviculture for future generations to enjoy.  She has been involved with birds her entire life and has been working with softbills since 1990.  She has bred and raised five of the six species of mousebirds:  Red Faceds, Blue Napes, Speckleds, White Backs, and the extremely rare White Heads, as well as dozens of turacos and other softbilled birds.  Offspring from her birds can be seen in several zoos and private aviaries throughout the USA.  A feat few other aviculturists can claim!
    Currently she has over 120 softbill birds including over 20 turacos and 20 adult mousebirds and has raised over one hundred mousebird chicks over the years.  She lives with her husband and daughter in Oregon, and together they run the Davis Lund Aviaries where they specialize in raising and breeding softbill birds. 
    Her first book "Mousebirds In Aviculture" was published in 2001.  Kateri writes articles on various softbills for magazines and was a contributing author for the mousebird and turaco chapters of the book, "Hand-Rearing Birds" published by Blackwell Publishing.  In June 2008, she was the focus of an article, "Meet Kateri Davis", in Bird Talk magazine.  Her book on turacos in aviculture was published in August 2012.  In July 2014, Kateri will be presenting talks on turacos and mousebirds at the AFA (American Fed. of Aviculture) Convention in Portland, OR.
She can be reached at and visit her website at