"Mousebirds In Aviculture"

Author:  Kateri J. Davis 
Pages:  140
Binding:  Softcover, perfect bound.
Illustrations:  12 full color pages of photographs plus several charts and diagrams.
Published:  2001
ISBN:  0-9716105-0-9
Price:  $19.95
Mousebirds, or colies, are gaining popularity as pets and in aviaries, and this book is a must for any bird fancier who is interested in the unusual.  Written by an aviculturist with years of experience raising mousebirds, this book takes you into the world of mousebird aviculture, giving an extensive look at what it takes to care for and breed these acrobatic, softbill birds.  Previously little has been documented about this fascinating order of birds in captivity.  Now, through a mixture of zoological and private owner experiences and observations plus scientific studies, this 140-page softcover book completely covers the care, diet, housing, and breeding of all mousebirds. 
Every aspect of pet, aviary, and display mousebirds in aviculture is explored.  The beginning bird fancier as well as the experienced aviculturist will find this book interesting, enlightening, and useful. 
Chapters Include:
Mousebirds In The Wild

Mousebird Species

The Mousebird Diet

Mousebirds As Pets

Mousebirds As Exhibition/Aviary Birds

Breeding Mousebirds

 Plus Many More!

**Includes 12 Full Color Pages of Photographs
"Mousebirds in Aviculture Ebook", ISBN# 0-9716105-3-3, is now available, and only for $6.99!  This is the full text of the 2001 version, but with 2012 updates and new photos.  (Click here for a sample chapter.)  Ready for your Nook or other ebook readers.  Just click on the Lulu button.