BioVelo is not a bike shop, nor does it aspire to be.  BioVelo is a service oriented business designed to help cyclists of all abilities achieve success on the bike whether it be performance or comfort based results they are seeking.  Plenty of great local bike shops exist that I have worked hard over the years developing great relationships.  My priority at BioVelo is to provide a service to help you, not to sell you something.  However, there are times that new equipment may be needed after going through the cycling analysis process to which we will give you recommendations on the proper specs to ensure you and the bike are in sync.  Please know that BioVelo doesn’t receive anything by recommending specific products for you.  My goal is to provide a service to improve your cycling experience, which may at times require unbiased opinions or suggestion based on your needs.  I want you to support your local shops.  I will inform you of the specifics you need so you can feel confident when going out to find what you need. 

Due to the fact we are here to help you, sometimes certain accessories can aid in increasing performance, address discrepancies, improve body posture and ROM, and improve overall comfort on the bike that just can’t always be found in a store.  It is at these times that I feel it is necessary to provide certain products that I feel can help.  Please review the few products listed under the products tab to learn more.