About the Owner
My name is Jeff Frame (and yes that is my real last name) and I am originally from South Bend, IN.  I moved to Tucson, AZ shortly after receiving my BS (’97) in Exercise Physiology from Ball State University to pursue a career in cardiac rehabilitation while training and racing competitively in triathlons. I served as the Director of Cardiac Rehab for Pima Heart Cardiology; having locations in Green Valley and Tucson Arizona for 3 years. While serving under this capacity, I was able to further develop my passion for cycling through the efforts of helping others enjoy the sport.  From the coaching and training side of the sport, I was exposed to working with elite athletes, those looking to compete in their first race, to others just riding for fun and fitness, to working with a young man with cerebral palsy trying to ride a bike for the first time.  It was also during this time in AZ that I had the epiphany..."why are we pedaling the way we do?" during a solo training ride.  I will never forget the exact moment and place of that ride that changed my thinking about riding a bike.  I remember sitting up out of my aerobars and saying to myself in haste, "Why am I pushing through my toes to pedal my bike?"  We preach and teach..."don't squat with your knees over your toes" or..."in order to recruit your glutes we need to push through our heels during a squat." So then begged the question I asked myself on that lonely ride in 2002, "Why am I not pedaling through my heels to recruit my glutes to generate more power?"  I realized then, it was time to go back to school! 

The experiences I gained and countless hours on the bike training during my time in Arizona, helped me realize I needed more education and hands on experience to better help athletes of all levels and to test my new found theory.  I was drawn back to the Midwest again to Ball State to pursue my Master's (’05) in Biomechanics with an emphasis in foot and cycling pedaling mechanics.  The focus of my research during this time was on cleat placement and their effects on pedal efficiency and power and later led to muscle recruitment patterns among various cleat positions. In addition to my own cycling based research, I was exposed to other areas of research and helped develop a new gait analysis lab and service line.  

Upon graduation and with a desire to return to the warmer climate for training, I again ventured back to Arizona to become part of a new company in Scottsdale called eSoles.  They were a newly developed company based on 30+ years of orthotic research and fabrication of the late Bill Peterson (Peterson Powerbeds). Their focus was on foot mechanics with athletes, more notably cyclists and the likes of those on Team Discovey and Team Postal. I served as a product engineer and sales technician and was able to help continued development of cycling specific footbeds while working alongside some of the best in the bike fitting industry and rehab world for cyclists.
My work and experience in Scottsdale prompted the newly developed biomechanics research lab and staff at Ball State to offer me the opportunity to manage their new facility which would be partnered with an outpatient clinical rehab and therapy facility focused on evidence based care and rehab using the tools of biomechanics along with various research projects. This opportunity also allowed me to develop my own research and service lines focusing on clinical and running gait analysis and clinical "true" 3D bike fitting.
My research interests include hip, foot, and pedaling mechanics in cycling and running. In addition to my degrees, I have also obtained credentials from USA Cycling as level II Expert Coach, FMS level 1, and SICI’s (Serotta International Cycling Institute) Advanced Bike Fit Specialist, Triathlon Fitting, and Custom Bike Fitting certifications.  I belong to ASB, SICI, iFAB, and biomechanics footwear group.  I resigned from my position at Ball State University to pursue development of BioVelo, LLC and my passion for not only cycling but more importantly helping others.   BioVelo encompasses consulting, product development, professional advanced cycling analysis, coaching/training, custom orthotics and speaking. 

I still enjoy teaching young minds and sharing my real-world experiences in the classroom.  I continue to hold an adjunct teaching position at the University of Indianapolis in the Krannert School of Physical Therapy while also consulting with the development of their new biomechanics research lab. I have also served as adjunct faculty in the past at both Ball State University and IUPUI.  Along with these academic relationships, I have also worked and consulted with Boise State University, John's Hopkins University, Liberty University, and University of Southern California.  In addition, I continue to hold a position on a part-time basis as the coordinator of motion analysis for IU Health at the Neuroscience Center downtown Indianapolis and serve as one of the seven council members for the Council on Human Function (www.councilonhumanfunction.com) podcast.

Thank you for visiting and I look forward to working with you soon!


Jeff Frame, MS
Cycle Analysis Technician