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BIOTERRORBIBLE.COM: The following whitepapers were published by think-tanks, universities, NGO’s and various governmental agencies and have at the very minimum set the stage psychologically for the impending bio-terror induced pandemic. The simple fact that these whitepapers exists in mass confirms that an upcoming bio-terror attack is in the cards and may be played in a last ditch effort to regain political, economic and militarial control of society.

WHITEPAPERS: Army War College ,  ASM (American Society for Microbiology), CATO Institute, Center for a New American Security, Center for Biosecurity of UPMC, Center for Counterproliferation Research, Chemical and Biological Arms Control Institute, CRS (Report for Congress),  GAO (General Accounting Office), Institute for National Strategic Studies, Institute for Science and Public Policy, Johns Hopkins University, National Academy Of Engineering, National Defence University, PERI (Public Entity Risk Institute),  RIS (Research & Information System), Terrorism Intelligence Centre, The Federalist Society, UNESCO (United Nations), University of Laussane, and the WMD Center.

Title: The Historical Pedigree And Relevance Of Suicide ‘Martyr’ Bio-Terrorism
Date: July 19, 2004
Source: The Terrorism Intelligence Centre

Abstract: The history of warfare is terrible in its brutal nature, but is insightful in the lucid education it offers both terrorist operatives and counter-terrorism experts alike. History illustrates that both the terrorist and counter-terrorism expert read from the same pages of history. Yet more effort must be made to use such knowledge towards a constructive threat analysis of biological weapons and suicide terrorism. After examining the history of biological warfare, and examining scientific aspects of biological weapons, this report blends the use of ‘biological terrorism’ with a means the delivery by a ‘suicide terrorist’. A complex ‘piggyback’ attack by a suicide terrorist using both the ‘plague’ and ‘smallpox’ illustrates how difficult the containment of an orchestrated outbreak would be. Only through predicting the means and potential of a complex threats can anti-terrorism and counter-terrorism initiatives mitigate the horror.

Around the world, security and intelligence disciplines are facing new challenges since the end of the Cold War. Symmetrical threats between super-powers are no longer foremost in the minds of world leaders, rather the asymmetric threat posed by terrorism is the issue of greatest concern to global security. Nation states are seeking to contain the threat of terrorism through preventing terrorists acquiring weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Failing this, nations seek to prevent the effective delivery of a WMD attack. Efforts must be made to clearly understand and disseminate knowledge of the history of biological weapons, of suicide terrorism, and scientific aspects of biological weapons amongst emergency response planners, and those at the coal face – hospital staff and physicians in all fields. Only then can complex scenarios be developed that accurately depict the terrible potential of terrorism and develop containment strategies. This report finds that a suicide terrorist – a martyr for their belief, could employ a biological weapons attack where both the plague and smallpox (piggybacking) is used. Only through recognising such a threat, can the international community engage in an informed debate on methods to respond to the suicide ‘martyr’ bio-terrorist (The Terrorism Intelligence Centre, 2004).

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