OBFS (Organization of Biological Field Stations)

BIOTERRORBIBLE.COM: When a major bio-terror attack and subsequent pandemic hit the United States of America, it will most likely be executed from behind the scenes by Ezekiel Emanuel, soon to be known as the “Doctor of Death”. As it currently stands, the city of Chicago appears to be bio-terror target #1 with Ezekiel’s brother Rahm Emanuel in the power position of mayor. Both Emanuel brothers are dual U.S. and Israeli citizens whose father is a known Zionist terrorist who conducted attacks for the terror state of Israel who will likely provide the pathogens for the future bio-terror attack.

Israel is the only modern nation that has not signed the 1972
Biological Weapons Convention  (refusal to engage in offensive biological warfare, stockpiling, and use of biological weapons). Israel is also the only modern nation that has signed but not ratified the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention (refusal to produce, stockpile and use chemical weapons). Should a future biological terror attack hit America or any other nation, the state of Israel and its citizens will be prime suspects.

The following government and non-government agencies, institutions and organizations also appear to be intimately involved in some aspect of the upcoming bio-terror attack:
BARDA (Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority), CDC (Center for Disease Control), Center for Biosecurity of UPMC, EIS (Epidemic Intelligence Service), INTERPOL (International Criminal Police Organization), NBACC (National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center), NIAID (National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases), NIH (National Institutes of Health), OBFS (Organization of Biological Field Stations), USAMRICD (U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense), USAMRIID (U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases) and the WHO (World Health Organization).

Title: Organization of Biological Field Stations
Date: 2012
Source: Wikipedia

Abstract: The Organization of Biological Field Stations (OBFS) is a nonprofit multinational organization representing the field stations and research centers across Canada, United States, and Central America. While it has no administrative or management control over its member stations, it helps to improve their effectiveness in research, education, and outreach through various initiatives. This includes promoting the establishment of research networks, working with public agencies to enhance funding sources, and building interactions between scientists and policy makers.

The OBFS collaborates with the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS), the University of California Natural Reserve System (UC NRS), and the Long Term Ecological Research Network Office in maintaining a comprehensive registry of scientific data sets which may be used in future research projects.

Since its establishment in 1963, the organization has grown to nearly two hundred member stations. With the success, the International Organization of Biological Field Stations (IOBFS) was later created to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas at a larger geographic scale (Wikipedia, 2012).