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Bio-Terror Agents


    Protection or Proliferation?

    BIOTERRORBIBLE.COM: The Sunshine Project was a foundation funded program that existed in Europe and the United States from 2000 until 2008. While its purpose was never clearly defined, it acted as a source of information in respect to the highly illegal and highly unethical scientific practices occurring in the field of microbiology, specifically in bio-terror and bio-weapons research. The Sunshine Project will likely be trotted out in the media post pandemic to shine light on (demonize and blame) the United States for ultimately allowing an environment of underground bio-related research to flourish.

    Sunshine Project
    Date: 2012
    Source: SunshineProject

    Disclaimer: As of 1 February 2008, the Sunshine Project is suspending its operations.
    Although this website is no longer updated, it remains online as an archive of our activities and publications from 2000 through 2008. If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail at Thank you for your interest.

    Protection or Proliferation?: High Containment and Other Facilities of the US Biodefense Program


    June 26, 2007
    Texas A&M Bioweapons Infections More the Norm than the Exception
    Culture of denial in evidence at Texas A&M - More accident examples
    Bioweapons Infections Hit Texas A&M Again (Q Fever / June 2007)
    Previous: Texas A&M Violates Federal Bioweapons Law (Brucella / April 2007)

    April 25, 2007
    Biosafety Archive for Biodefense Public Accountability
    Backyard bioweapons in your neighborhood? Find out out here (maybe)

    April 24, 2007
    Rolling List of Bidders for the National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF)

    March 20, 2006
    Information concerning the 2006 survey of institutional biosafety committees

    April 18, 2005
    Faulty Aerosol Chamber Infects Three

    February 1, 2005
    NIAID Grant Statistics
    Anthrax: Up 3470%, Tularemia: Up 3100%, New PI's: 97%

    January 31, 2005
    Tularemia: CDC Rejects Informing the Public
    National implications on accidents & secrecy

    November 16, 2004
    Country Studies: Reports on France & Germany
    Country Studies Home Page | News Release

    October 4, 2004
    Mandate for Failure: The IBC System in a Age of Bioweapons Research
    Results of the Sunshine Project Institutional Biosafety Committee Survey

    August 2, 2004
    NIAID Biodefense Program Funds in Violation of Federal Biosafety Rules
    Related Item: Biosafety Bites Series

    June 10, 2004

    Information concerning Southern Research Institute and the anthrax accident in Oakland, California

    May 3, 2004
    Federal Complaint Seeks Termination of Government Funding for Nine Biotechnology Research Institutions
    Related Items: complaint and exhibits

    April 14, 2004
    IBC Transparency Survey: Serious Problems Evident

    October 28, 2003
    The Thomas Butler Case: Some Unreported Information

    October 9, 2003
    Lethal Virus from 1918 Genetically Reconstructed

    Other Information

    IBC Minutes Archive: Backyard bioweapons in your neighborhood? Search our database minutes database for more info.

    CRISP-ER: Enhanced version of NIH CRISP provides greater detail about biodefense grants. Click here to search.

    Biodefense News & Discussion Listserver:
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    Biosafety Bites #13 - #21 (June 2006 - Current): Reports from the front lines of the failing Institutional Biosafety Committee system.

    Biosafety Bites #1 - #12
    (June - September 2004): Reports from the front lines of the failing Institutional Biosafety Committee system