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The Last Canadian (1974)

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The Last Canadian
Date: 2012
Source: Wikipedia

The Last Canadian is a 1974 science fiction novel by William C. Heine about the adventures of Eugene Arnprior after North America is devastated by a plague. The U.S. release of the novel was titled Death Wind.

Plot Introduction

The President had fled the White House. Now safely concealed in a secret war room - a shelter safe against everything but a direct hit by an atomic bomb, its air thoroughly washed and filtered, its communications systems locally and remotely controlled - the President sat watching his country die.

A virulent and deadly disease had spread across the American continent, homo sapiens had become an endangered species. Gene Arnprior had survived the lethal virus, but could he survive the sinister society it had created?

Explanation of Title
Eugene Arnprior had just received in the mail a notice of his Canadian citizenship when the plague struck. So he considered himself The Last Canadian.

Film Adaptations
The Last Canadian was adapted onto film as The Patriot (1998) starring Steven Seagal (Wikipedia, 2012).