Bio-Terror Drills (2009)

BIOTERRORBIBLE.COM: The following bio-terror drills occurred within the calendar year of 2009. The fact that these bio-terror drills exist in mass confirms that an upcoming bio-terror attack is in the cards and may be played in a last ditch effort to regain political, economic and militarial control of society. Since 9/11, bio-terror drills have become the norm in America but have recently started becoming a weekly occurrence since February of 2011.

A Few Pertinent Questions:

1. When will the "bio-terror drills" go live?
2. How will police, military and the American people know the difference between "real world" bio-terror and "drilled" bio-terror?
3. Will the video footage of bio-terror drills be used by the government or media for pandemic propaganda purposes at a later date?

Resounding Bio-Terror Drill Themes:

1. A bio-terror attack and subsequent pandemic is not a matter of "if", but "when".
2. Synchronicity and coordination of ALL local, county, state and federal government emergency agencies is being repeatedly drilled by DHS and FEMA in congruence with COG (Continuity of Government) /
Martial Law plans.

Title: 167th Participates In Bioterror Drill
Date: January 23, 2009
Source: Herald Mail


Bioterrorism Drill In Calif. Bay Area City
Date: March 20, 2009

The East Side Club at the Coliseum was transformed Thursday into a treatment center for victims of a mock anthrax attack, with nearly 1,000 volunteers and representatives of public health and emergency response agencies from 10 counties taking part in the exercise.

The Bay Area Mass Prophylaxis Exercise tested participants' ability to respond to a scenario involving the intentional release of an aerosolized biological agent in Thursday's scenario, it was anthrax that would require a mass distribution of drugs to treat potentially thousands who might be exposed and could face death if not treated in a timely manner.

At a 12:30 p.m. media briefing a few hours into the exercise, Dr. Muntu Davis, division director of the Alameda County Public Health Department, said, "So far it's been pretty good."

Davis said one of the main goals was to make sure victims got the pills needed to combat the anthrax exposure as quickly and efficiently as possible and to screen them to make sure they did not get medication they might be allergic to.

Thursday's exercise was made up of two main components, officials said. One was testing the capacity to disseminate medications to hundreds of victims in this case, 700 civilian volunteers. The second was to test the agencies' ability to set up a warehouse of medications and to track, manage and dispense them according to needs of health jurisdictions.

Zerlyn Ladua, the Alameda County Public Health Department's emergency health preparedness coordinator, said that the exercise topped off months of planning and the continued efforts of Bay Area public health agencies "to test and develop protocols, procedures and best practices that are shared" throughout the state and nation.

Davis said an anthrax or any biohazard attack is something one hopes never happens, but by doing such exercises officials can learn the best way to distribute medications in other medical emergencies, such as a flu epidemic.

Oakland fire Lt. David Brue said the exercise was developed following guidelines established by the Department of Homeland Security's Exercise and Evaluation Program and was funded by the Bay Area Super Urban Area Security Initiative, a regional agency created in 2006.

Counties participating Thursday were Alameda, Contra Costa, San Mateo, Solano, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Benito, Napa and Sonoma, and the cities of Oakland and Berkeley (Homeland1, 2009)

Title: Mass Vaccination Drill In Alaska
Date: April 30, 2009
Source: Infowars

Abstract: Alaska health officials and the Anchorage School District teamed up Wednesday to prepare for a worst case scenario by practicing a mass dispensing of vaccines.

The exercise comes as the World Health Organization raised its pandemic alert, which means it believes a global outbreak of the swine flu is imminent.

No cases of swine flu have been reported in Alaska. Still, health officials say it is possible swine flu will reach our state, and they want to be ready in case it does.

Over the past two weeks, 11 schools have participated in an exercise to distribute the chicken pox vaccine to students.

This is also a chance to practice dispensing medication in the event of a large scale emergency, according to the Department of Health and Social Services and the school district.

Two Anchorage schools on Wednesday had a special delivery from the health department.

The schools received hundreds of doses of the varicella vaccine, which is used to prevent chicken pox.

The state requires all elementary students receive two shots of the vaccine by next year.

"Part of it is getting a jump on that cause," said Mark Mew, the school district’s director of security and emergency preparedness. "There is obviously going to be a rush at the doctor’s office and the Health Department" (Infowars, 2009).

Title: Bioterrorism Response Drill Under Way At Oakland Coliseum
Date: May 19, 2009
Source: All Voices

Abstract: "Nearly 1,000 volunteers and representatives of public health agencies from 10 counties are participating in a drill involving a simulated biohazard emergency at the Oakland Coliseum [CA] today. The 'Bay Area Mass Prophylaxis Exercise' will test participants' responses in a hypothetical situation that requires quick action and little margin for error.
Oakland police Lt. David Brue said the exercise is an opportunity for the region to prepare for an actual bioterrorism emergency. The exercise was initiated by the Bay Area Super Urban Area Security Initiative, a regional agency created in 2006 (All Voices, 2009).

Title: National Guard Takes Over School In Swine Flu “Vaccine Riot” Drill
Date: August 13, 2009
Source: Infowars

: A High School in Maine is to be taken over by the National Guard today for the purposes of a drill that will see Guardsmen deal with unruly citizens begging for swine flu vaccines.

Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School in Paris, ME, has been chosen as a distribution site for the H1N1 flu vaccine by state officials.

Today’s drill will enact a riot scenario after Gov. John Baldacci and Gen. John Libby, adjutant general of the Maine National Guard, agreed that measures should be in place to deal with a possible public rush for inoculations against swine flu.

“On Thursday morning, four or five National Guard Humvees will travel from Augusta to Paris with vials of fake serum.” reports the Maine Sun Journal.

“The National Guardsmen will take on the roles of panicked citizens and military police and practice what they would do, such as using tear gas, in the case of a riot.” The article continues.

Local police will also liaise with the National Guard on the school grounds. The school itself will remain open, according to the report.

Center for Disease Control figures state that there are 323 confirmed cases of H1N1 in Maine. One man has died from the disease, though he was said to have “underlying health conditions” that were worsened by the flu.

This story dovetails with reports from late July indicating that the U.S. military is gearing up to get involved in the H1N1 swine flu outbreak promised to strike in the Fall.

“The U.S. military wants to establish regional teams of military personnel to assist civilian authorities in the event of a significant outbreak of the H1N1 virus this fall, according to Defense Department officials,” a proposal that is currently on the desk of Defense Secretary Robert Gates, according to a CNN report.

The report indicates that the troops could be drawn from either active duty forces or the National Guard and Reserve forces, or both.

“As a first step, Gates is being asked to sign a so-called ‘execution order’ that would authorize the military to begin to conduct the detailed planning to execute the proposed plan.” the report states.

Gates’ overtures to usurp control of the Guard in a national emergency, and even to eventually merge the Guard and the Army Reserves into the “Total Force” of the U.S. military, under management of the DoD, has riled state authorities.

Last week The National Governors Association wrote to the Pentagon condemning the military’s open plans to effectively seize domestic control of National Guard and federal forces deployed in the event of a disaster or terrorist attack.

The NGA noted that the military’s agenda amounted to a dilution of governors’ constitutional responsibilities.

In addition to these ongoing proposals, the Pentagon has announced that at least 20,000 more active duty soldiers will be placed inside the United States under Northcom to “help state and local officials respond to a nuclear terrorist attack or other domestic catastrophe.”

According to Northcom itself, the move also encompasses “civil unrest and crowd control”.

The ACLU has warned that the deployment represents an expansion in presidential and military authority and a militarization of homeland security.

This trend hasn’t gone unnoticed on Capitol Hill either. Georgia Congressman Paul Broun warned attendees of a town hall event Tuesday that the Obama administration is planning to use a pandemic or a natural disaster to implement martial law in the United States, in the wake of increased political unrest and plunging approval ratings.

The use of the National Guard for law enforcement duties and confrontation of the American people is becoming increasingly commonplace throughout the US.

National Guard troops were used to control the public during the Boston Marathon, the Kentucky Derby, and during New Year celebrations in Times Square last year.

As we reported last week, the sheriff of Alabama’s most populous county has announced he will probably have to bring in National Guard troops to perform law enforcement duties due to budget cuts.

Such a move has been replicated in other parts of the country, including in Schenectady New York, where budgetary constraints were not even cited as a reason for the changeover.

Back in April of this year, The Maryland National Guard was put on alert under an anti-terrorism program in anticipation of nationwide Tea Party protests. A “Force Protection advisory” document stated that Guardsmen and Guard facilities might become “targets of opportunity.”

One month earlier in March, the United States Army Reserve Command published a Force Protection Advisory recommending “situational awareness” and “mitigation measures” in response to End the Fed protests.

Other National Guard outfits have recently undergone training to engage in combat with “militia” groups, and held door to door gun confiscation drills.

Meanwhile, the Army National Guard is advertising for qualified personnel to work as Corrections Officers and Internment/Resettlement Specialists.

The use of military assets in civilian law enforcement is still illegal under Posse Comitatus, unless a clear state of emergency exists (Infowars, 2009)

Title: New York Prepares Response To Anthrax Attack
Date: September 14, 2009
Bio Prep Watch

Abstract: The City’s Department of Health tested its readiness to respond to an anthrax attack with an antibiotics and vaccine distribution drill this week at a Lower East Side school.

Volunteers and city workers played the part of New Yorkers standing on line to receive antibiotics.

“This is aimed at getting medication to a large number of people as quickly as possible,” said city Health Commissioner Thomas Farley at the model POD, one of 200 such “Points of Dispensing” that would be activated following a real bioterrorism attack.

The emergency response plan calls for 100 health professionals, volunteers and city workers to man each POD, distributing medication, medical screening forms, etc.

New York experienced its first anthrax outbreaks after the September 11 attacks when five Manhattanites were killed, and several sickened, by anthrax pores sent through the mail (Bio Prep Watch, 2009).

Title: Two-Day Training Session Simulates Pneumonic Plague Attack
Date: September 14, 2009
Bio Prep Watch

Abstract: Members of U.S. humanitarian aid groups learned how to deter biological terrorist attacks during a recent two-day training session in Montreux, Switzerland.

The Red Cross and other groups, including the UN’s World Food Program and the World Health Organization, participated in the International Bioterrorism Response Coordination Exercise (Black ICE II).

The training, featuring an attack scenario involving pneumonic plague, was designed to facilitate the international cooperation of health, security, transportation and law enforcement sectors.

Pneumonic plague is almost invariably fatal, unless the infection is treated quickly.

Representatives of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the Counter-Terrorism Committee of the Organization of the American States, and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe also participated in the training session (Bio Prep Watch, 2009).

Title: Minnesota County Conducts “Operation Big Shot” Mass Vaccination Drill
Date: September 29, 2009
Source: Infowars

Abstract: In preparation for the distinct possibility of a mandatory vaccination of the American public, a county in Minnesota will hold a mass vaccination drill today dubbed “Operation Big Shot.” County officials expect “300 volunteers to conduct the drill alongside about 200 health department staff members. They emphasized that staffers will not dispense actual vaccinations,” according to The Star Tribune.

“Operation Big Shot is one of several training exercises health officials in Ramsey County conduct each year and was scheduled prior to the emergence of the H1N1 flu pandemic,” the newspaper adds.


A number of sources have indicated the government may require mandatory vaccinations this autumn. “Nearly $8 billion will be spent to address a ‘potential pandemic flu’ which could result in mandatory vaccinations for no discernible reason other than to enrich the pharmaceutical companies that make the vaccine,” Ron Paul wrote on June 24, 2009.

According to the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, 42 states have mandatory vaccine policies. “Rampant conflicts of interest in the approval process has been the subject of several Congressional hearings, and a recent Congressional report concluded that the pharmaceutical industry has indeed exerted undue influence on mandatory vaccine legislation toward its own financial interests,” the AAPS notes.

The UN’s WHO supports mandatory vaccinations. On July 13, a World Health Organization (WHO) Global Alert suggested universally mandated vaccines are coming.

“During a pandemic, it may be necessary to overrule existing legislation or (individual) human rights,” states a 2005 WHO document. “Examples are the enforcement of quarantine (overruling individual freedom of movement), use of privately owned buildings for hospitals, off-license use of drugs, compulsory vaccination or implementation of emergency shifts in essential services. These decisions need a legal framework to ensure transparent assessment and justification of the measures that are being considered, and to ensure coherence with international legislation (International Health Regulations).” (Emphasis added.)

WHO “recommendations” are binding on all 194 member countries in case a pandemic emergency is declared under the 2005 International Health Regulations Act and April 2009 WHO pandemic plan.

In August, the WHO recommended a mandatory global vaccination. “The global pandemic vaccination program will begin somewhere around the end of September and last about two months. Many countries are in the process of acquiring from Baxter, Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline and other pharmaceutical companies enough doses of vaccine to vaccinate their entire population twice. They remain quiet about mandatory vaccination, simply saying they will make vaccination ‘available’ to all on a priority basis,” the Columbia Valley News reported.

“We hope that the whole world will have some access to the vaccine,” Marie-Paule Kieny, director of WHO’s Initiative for Vaccine Research, told the Washington Post today. “In some countries it will be possible to vaccinate the whole population and in some countries only 10 percent.”

In the United States, any mandatory vaccination program will likely be the responsibility of the states. “Historically, the preservation of the public health has been the responsibility of state and local governments, and the authority to enact laws relevant to the protection of the public health derives from the state’s general police powers,” explains a CRS Report for Congress. “With respect to the preservation of the public health in cases of communicable disease outbreaks, these powers may include the institution of quarantine or the enactment of mandatory vaccination laws.”

Massachusetts recently passed the “Pandemic Response Bill.” It suspends virtually all Constitutional rights of Massachusetts citizens and forces anyone “suspected” of being infected to submit to interrogations, “decontaminations” and vaccines, according to Mike Adams. “It’s also sets fines up to $1,000 per day for anyone who refuses to submit to quarantines, vaccinations, decontamination efforts or to follow any other verbal order by virtually any state-licensed law enforcement or medical personnel.”

Infowars and Prison Planet have documented numerous instances of the states preparing for mass vaccinations.

In the last few weeks, states and municipalities around the country have mandated seasonal flu vaccinations for health care workers. In response, health care workers in New York are taking to the street in opposition. “Under what circumstances can government officials order mandatory vaccination? And could the general public be ordered to roll up their sleeves for injections, even if there might be side effects beyond a sore arm or mild fever? The concern in New York also comes as skepticism of vaccination in general seems to be on the rise,” Declan McCullagh writes for CBS News today.

The drill in Minnesota is yet another indication the government is ramping up to vaccinate the entire population, either through a massive propaganda campaign and scare tactics now well underway through the corporate media, or through legal mandate backed up by the cops and the military.

“Get ready because that’s precisely what’s coming — universal orders to risk toxic vaccine hazards. In the coming weeks, the dominant media globally will get into high gear fear-mongering mode to convince people voluntarily to submit to jeopardizing their health and well-being. It’s essential to refuse and be safe and international law absolutely allows it,” warns Stephen Lendman (Infowars, 2009)

Title: Fort Riley Prepares For The Worst
Date: October 20, 2009
Bio Prep Watch

Abstract: Irwin Army Community Hospital prepared for disaster and emergency situations in a “mass casualty” exercise in September.

The hospital’s simulation included a mix of trauma and casualties from nuclear, chemical, biological and explosive scenarios.

IACH Public Affairs Officer Nikia Simon said this was a chance for workers to practice roles and procedures carried out in a crisis.

“This is an opportunity for us to demonstrate and rehearse our commitment to taking care of our own in the event of an emergency or disaster situation,” Simon said.

The intensive hands-on exercise included support from municipal and county agencies, as well as the state of Kansas’ preparedness services. It was one of two mass casualty exercises IACH does each year (Bio Prep Watch, 2009).

Title: N.H. Agencies Take Part In Terror Event Drill
Date: October 20, 2009
Bio Prep Watch

Abstract: The New Hampshire Department of Human Services asked all health regions to respond to a training scenario where there was a deliberate terrorist release of the biological agent anthrax.

For this training exercise Oct. 17, the greater community agencies requested assistance from state Department of Health and Human Services for help from the federal Strategic National Stockpile for medications to be delivered to a regional middle school.

Officials would need to be enough medication for anyone who was potentially exposed in this training exercise. In this scenario the goal was to dispense antidote medicine to 200 role players in one hour in order to test the dispensing system and incident command system that would be needed to control such an event.

The training exercise involved anthrax was dispersed from a train moving through the southern part of New Hampshire.

“The training was definitely a success as it achieved the goals and it was also very valuable for area police, fire, EMS and hospital staff to train together,” said Tilton Police Chief Robert Cormier. “We need to have good working relationships with each other and a better understand each other’s needs are before something like this occurs, rather than trying to do it after” (Bio Prep Watch, 2009).

Title: Chemical And Biological Attacks Simulated In Israel
Date: November 25, 2009
Bio Prep Watch

Abstract: Israel has finished civilian exercises to aid in preparing its citizens for a chemical attack.

Chemical attack were brought home to Israelis during the first Gulf War in early 1991, when fears were raised by 39 Scud missiles launched by Iraq that many feared contained chemical agents. Citizens sealed rooms and donned gas masks to protect themselves during that war.

Many Israeli citizens continue to keep potential sealed rooms stocked and gas masks at hand, just in case. Stories have also filtered to the nation’s citizens of the Iran’s potential military capabilities and the growing missile ranges of Hezbollah in the north and Hamas in the south.

Under the many potential threats, the Israeli government simulated a chemical warfare drill recently, including mass simulated casualties. Approximately seven million citizens took part in the preparedness drill, taking refuge in shelters.

As part of the drill, Haredi Jews played the role of fatalities at a Jerusalem shopping mall while rescue workers equipped with protective suits practiced their chemical weapons attack training.

Unconventional methods of attack such as biological and chemical weapons were also simulated by Israeli and U.S. armies last month as part of a joint preparedness drill.

A U.S. Army spokesman noted that the training drill was necessary to prepare for any possible attack scenario (Bio Prep Watch, 2009).

Title: Police Prepare Drill For Plague At School
November 6, 2009
Source: Infowars

Abstract: Citizens infected with a fictitious pneumonic plague will line up outside Lincoln Prairie Elementary School on Saturday to help test the site as a medication dispensary in case of an emergency.

The Lake in the Hills Police Department is carrying out the test as part of a grant from the McHenry County Department of Health for its emergency health plan. In case of a biological terrorist attack or widespread disease outbreak, the site would be able get medicine to the community, Lake in the Hills Chief of Patrol Services David Brey said.

“This is just a functional test of the site,” he said.

The event will use volunteers pretending to have been stricken by the plague to help test the flow of the site, from initial triage through receiving proof of being medicated (Infowars, 2009).

Title: National Guard Unit Saves Anytown, U.S.A. From Simulated Attack
Date: November 25, 2009
Bio Prep Watch

Abstract: The Seventh Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team at Fort Leonard Wood has completed two days of chemical attack training, saving Anytown, U.S.A. in the process.

The Missouri National Guard team was called to respond to a simulated incident at Abrams Theater. The theater was the site of a simulated chemical attack, resulting in six youths with signs and symptoms of chemical exposure going to the hospital that night. The following day, more than 30 more people came down with simulated illnesses.

The National Guard team then searched for the chemicals, facing down a large, unknown venue in the form of the theater.

The training was called realistic by 1st Lt. Richard Sambolin, who coordinated the theater exercised and said that it is not out of the question that such a venue could be the site of an attack as it would have a large number of people in an enclosed location.

For that reason, Sambolin said, it was important for the National Guard team to receive training in reacting to that form of attack.

Sambolin said he was pleased with the team’s performance under the situation and noted that the training stretched the unit’s members beyond their normal roles, an important and valuable lesson for them to learn in the event of a real attack (Bio Prep Watch, 2009).

Title: UAE Officials Given Bioterrorism Training [by INTERPOL]
Date: November 30, 2009
Bio Prep Watch

Abstract: The United Arab Emirates is not currently facing a bioterrorism threat but it is not taking any chances.

Preparedness, Colonel Ali Salem Al Khayal, head of Interpol Abu Dhabi said, is the key when it comes to making sure that the public is kept safe.

The nation could also be affected by attacks on other locations int he world, Al Khayal said while attending an Interpol training session hosted by the UAE Interior ministry.

Al Khayal called bioterrorism a serious threat, noting that its potential to affect the public at large makes it a matter of concern for law enforcement worldwide.

Nations must continually cooperate with each other to face the constantly changing and emerging challenges presented by bioterrorism, Al Khayal said. Additionally, each nation must ensure that it properly trains its human resources to react to a bio attack and equip its responders properly.

To that end, 30 UAE officials from various forces, including the police, rescue and emergency management, health authorities, customs, armed forces and the national emergency and crisis management authority attended the Interior ministry’s training session, which was devised by Interpol are was delivered by experts from 11 countries.

Similar training exercises were held in 2007 in Muscat to provide training in identifying and tackling bioterrorism (Bio Prep Watch, 2009).

Title: European Defense Agency Announces Plans For Biological Explosives Disposal Training
Date: December 1, 2009
Bio Prep Watch

Abstract: Plans to organize a biological, chemical and radiological explosives ordnance disposal training exercise have been announced by the European Defense Agency.

The European Defense Agency, in conjunction with the Belgium Engineer Department, has released plans to host the CBR Explosives Ordnance Disposal Table Top Exercise, which will include training from experts as part of a comprehensive effort aimed at fostering technical capabilities to counter improvised explosive devices.

The event will have leading defense CBRN and EOD defense experts from across Europe in attendance who will be given the opportunity to develop their own knowledge while sharing their own experience and looking for collaborative development opportunities.

Improvised explosive devices, or IEDs as they are commonly known, have evolved from a simple explosive threat to one containing chemical or biological material. These new IEDs require next-generation technologies and new techniques to allow armed forces in Europe to capably respond to potential incidents.

A recent report stated that an attack from an IED, particularly in an asymmetric environment, is increasingly becoming a significant concern for all European Armed Forces. The report concludes that it is only a matter of time before such an IED is used by terrorists.

The CBR Explosives Ordnance Disposal table Top Exercise is scheduled for December 6 through December 11 at the Belgium Joint CBRN Center (Bio Prep Watch, 2009).

Title: Brookline, Mass., Stages Bioterror Drill
Date: December 3, 2009
Source: Bip Prep Watch

Abstract: More than 100 volunteers will take part in a rapid vaccination program in Brookline, Mass., this weekend to prepare the town for a serious pandemic situation or a bioterrorist attack.

The drill, which will be observed and critiqued by officials from the Harvard School of Public Health, follows a real November vaccination shortage of H1N1 vaccine. As a result, the 100 volunteers, including approximately 40 clinicians, will use real H1N1 and seasonal flu vaccine as part of the demonstration.

The goal of the test is to administer between 1,000 and 2,000 vaccinations in under three hours, which would require a minimum of five-and-a-half vaccinations per minute.

Members of the Brookline Community Emergency Response Team and Medical Reserve Corps., will also be on hand to manage the crow, which could possibly swell to as many as 3,000 people, making it CERT’s largest drill in the team’s six year history.

Casey Hatchett, who is in charge of the CERT program, said that the demonstration will focus on ensuring that the vaccinations, which will be distributed in two distinct locations, move in a smooth and orderly manner with participants staying in lines and move in the right direction.

Four other cities and towns – Arlington, Belmont, Newton and Watertown – will also participate in their own epidemic drills during the weekend and will provide a limited number of volunteers and seasonal flu doses (Bio Prep Watch, 2009).

Title: Feds, MBTA Hold Bioterror Drill
Date: December 5, 2009
Source: Boston Herland

Abstract: Federal and state officials are at Haymarket Station in Boston today testing how contaminants might spread through the MBTA system, part of a weeklong U.S. Homeland Security Department study involving public transportation in the Hub.

Officials say researchers will study the behavior of airborne contaminants by releasing harmless tracer gases in more than 20 stations and in subway cars throughout the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority system (Boston Herald, 2009)

Title: Israel’s Home Front Command Simulates CBRN Strike
Date: December 15, 2009
Bio Prep Watch

Abstract: Israel’s Home Front Command has begun joint exercises with Magen David Adom and the Shaare Tzedek Medical Center to prepare for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear missile attacks.

The simulated attacks, which consist of three missiles hitting a Jerusalem neighborhood in quick succession, leave hundreds of people injured by a chemical substance. The victims are rushed by Home Front Command and Magen David Adom ambulances to a large site prepared by Shaare Tzedek Medical Center.

Before the injured can receive medical attention, they must first be cleaned of the chemical substance. They are covered with a talc-based powder to absorb the chemical before being rinsed and taken to receive appropriate medical procedures.

The Shaare Tzedek Medical Center is able to treat several hundred wounded during emergency situations. To test its capacity, the exercise sends 200 wounded citizens through its door, taking two hours to decontaminate them all.

More than 100 soldiers took part in the exercise, which was deemed a great success, acted as a means of reassuring the government and citizens to the readiness of its soldiers for a biological or chemical attack.

“I am very satisfied,” Col. Yoram Lev-Ran, Commander of the Home Front Command Jerusalem District, told the Israel Defense Forces. “The civilian and military medical staff cooperated very well during the exercise. The system treating civilians in this kind of situations isn’t natural, it’s made up of a lot of bodies and organizations. We work on connecting them as well as possible, and I think that this sends a strong message to the Israeli public.”

More exercises will be performed by the Home Front Command over the coming months at hospitals throughout the country to practice and improve preparedness in emergency situations (Bio Prep Watch, 2009).

Title: India Prepares For Bioattacks At 2010 Commonwealth Games
Date: December 23, 2009
Bio Prep Watch

Abstract: Almost eight battalions of India’s National Disaster Response Force have readied themselves with prophylaxis for anthrax and nerve gas antidotes in preparation for the 2010 Commonwealth Games that will take place in New Delhi.

Nearly 71 nations are expected to take part in the 2010 Commonwealth Games and the 8,000 personnel from the eight battalions will be at all stadiums to fight any eventuality created by terrorists looking to cause panic or create terror.

“The profile of terrorists is changing. Gone are the days when only uneducated unemployed youth got into terrorism,” Alok Awasthi, Commandant of NDRF, told Mid Day. “Now well educated and techno-savvy youth are getting indoctrinated and hence we have to be ready to understand their mindset. Hence we have been asked to be on alert during the Commonwealth Games.”

The NRDF’s main areas of concentration during the games will be the possibility of bioterrorism, especially through anthrax attacks or chemical warfare agents such as nerve gas, mustard, phosgene, hydrogen cyanide and cyanogen chloride.

To combat the potential attacks, the NDRF will be equipped with Residual Vapour Detectors, Chemical Agent Monitors, Water Poisoning Detector kits and three color detector papers. Devices for decontamination from the agents will also be available.

“We will be carrying out mock drills in the venue of Commonwealth Games from January to create awareness among the people and also to test our teams,” Awasthi said (Bio Prep Watch, 2009).