Nuclear Retaliation

BIOTERRORBIBLE.COM: Based on the 2001 bio-terror war-game entitled "Dark Winter", and recent comments by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the United States will consider using a nuclear weapon upon any nation or people unlucky enough to be scapegoated in the wake of a bio-terror attack. 

Title: FInal Script: Dark Winter Exercise: Bioterrorism Exercise Andrews Air Force Base June 22-23, 2001
June 22-23, 2001

Public Opinion Divided on Nuclear Response to Bioattack

1. An overnight CNN/gallup poll states that slightly less that half (48%, poll’s margin for error +/- 5%) of Americans believe that President should consider using nuclear weapons against any nation proven to be responsible for attacking the US with smallpox.

The third and final NSC meeting opens with a review of news video clips:

1. The number of smallpox cases has reached 16,000, with 1,000 people now dead. The epidemic has spread to 25 states and 10 other countries. Although investigation suggests all cases are related to the initial attack in three states, the evidence does not rule out additional or ongoing attacks.
2. The U.S. is suffering severe economic damage. In Atlanta and Philadelphia, most businesses are closed and massive traffic jams are occurring across the state as people try to flee the disease.
3. A New York Times poll indicates that most Americans think that the state and federal governments have lost control of the epidemic. A CNN/Gallup poll says nearly half of Americans think the President should use nuclear weapons against any nation proven responsible for the smallpox attack.
4. Violence is spreading across the nation as individuals try to keep others suspected of having smallpox at a distance. In New 5. York, two police officers and three family members were killed when the police tried to escort two family members with smallpox to an isolation area.

Title: Dark Winter: A Simulated Terrorist Attack On Three American Cties Using Weaponized Smallpox
Date: June 22-23, 2001
Source: Backwoods Home

Abstract: June 22-23, 2001, nearly three months before the attack that toppled New York’s World Trade towers, the United States conducted a major simulation of a terrorist smallpox attack against three American cities. It was named Dark Winter, and it lived up to its name. Within seven weeks, one million Americans were dead and the disease had spread to 25 states and 13 foreign countries. In the face of the out of control epidemic, panic had spread across America, interrupting vital services such as food deliveries to supermarkets, and our Government considered the possibility of a nuclear response, although against whom it was not clear.

The Dark Winter exercise ends with the NSC discussing how to respond. If the American people demand they use nuclear weapons, against who? Should they withdraw U.S. troops from the Persian Gulf? And finally, with no vaccine remaining and the epidemic out of control, how do they control the current spread of smallpox and any new attacks with disease?

Title: Secretary Of State Clinton Says U.S. Will Consider Nuclear Response To Bioterror
Date: April 12, 2010
Source: Bio Prep Watch

Abstract: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has struck back at critics of the nation’s new nuclear weapons stance, telling CBS’ "Face the Nation" that "all bets are off" in the event of a biological attack.

Clinton was joined by Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who said that both Iran and North Korea would be exceptions to the new policy of nuclear response as both nations have defied UN resolutions on their atomic programs.

"If we can prove that a biological attack originated in a country that attacked us, then all bets are off," Clinton said in an interview on "Face the Nation."

Gates, when asked why Iran and North Korea were exceptions to the newly unveiled nuclear policy, added, "They’re not in compliance with the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. So for them, all bets are off. All the options are on table."

A new arms control deal with Russia, Clinton and Gates said, along with the revised nuclear policy, bolsters the diplomatic leverage held by President Obama in his quest to isolate Iran and North Korea over their nuclear programs.

The duo also rejected Republican criticism that the new nuclear policy sent signals of weakness to the world.

"We have still a very powerful nuclear arsenal," Gates told NBC’s "Meet the Press" (Bio Prep Watch, 2010).