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Network Biology-Merrimack IPO Postponed

posted Feb 1, 2012, 1:21 PM by Bryce Istvan
Network biology, the study of cellular signaling pathways, has been gaining traction in recently, especially in the study of cancers and autoimmune disorders where cellular signaling plays a major roll. As the availability of data increases and our computer modeling techniques improve it is becoming easier to study these relationships with the ultimate goal of influencing them by amplifying or dampening the appropriate proteins and receptors. This style of treatment allows for very targeted treatments, increasing efficacy and reducing side effects. One company, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, is focused on using network biology to develop cancer treatments. The company was planning to IPO today, but postponed due to lack of investor interest. For more information about the company see my Seeking Alpha article here. For more info on Network biology see here.  Biological network by Jeong Ha woong.jpg