Jurisdictions may join BioSense 2.0 at no cost. Staff time will be necessary for the initial setup of BioSense 2.0 for tasks such as signing data use agreements (DUAs) and working with entities that will provide data to the system (e.g., hospitals, ambulatory care providers, etc.).

The diagram below summarizes the general steps jurisdictions follow to join BioSense 2.0. Each step is described in more detail below.

Note that the two processes can occur simultaneously. Once a jurisdiction has verbally committed to join BioSense 2.0 and has received the model DUA, jurisdictions can begin discussions with the BioSense 2.0 team about the technical aspects of establishing a data feed into the BioSense 2.0 system as the DUA is being finalized and the level of cross- jurisdictional access is being determined. 


Please click here to view documents in the Onboarding Library.
For more information, please contact BioSenseProgram@cdc.gov.