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We made a few changes!

posted Sep 11, 2012, 11:59 AM by Rita Sembajwe   [ updated Sep 11, 2012, 12:10 PM ]

A few months ago the BioSense redesign team made some changes to the collaboration website. This was part of an ongoing effort to make it easier for our stakeholders to access updates on BioSense 2.0 and Syndromic Surveillance, by making the Community Forum the new homepage.  We also created an Onboarding webpage explaining the process for joining BioSense 2.0.

Feedback Forum Post 15 was launched on August 15 and asked stakeholders what they thought of the changes on the BioSense Collaboration website, as well as what other changes they would like to see made to it in future.  By August 28, a total of 27 stakeholders from the state, local and national levels had offered feedback.    A majority of these respondents agreed or were impartial to the changes.  Here are some results:

·         A majority of respondents felt impartial (10 respondents), or agreed (9 respondents) with the community forum webpage becoming the homepage.

·         A majority of respondents agreed (11 respondents), or felt impartial (9 respondents) with the addition of the onboarding page.

When we asked our stakeholders what other updates they would like to see made to the collaboration website, a few shared the following:

·         Create a separate location explaining BioSense 2.0 functionality on the collaboration website.

·         Create a separate location for the setup of BioSense 2.0 on the collaboration website.

·         Make more material resources on BioSense 2.0 e.g., presentations and trainings accessible on the collaboration website.

·         Share updates on the status of changes to BioSense 2.0 as well as update on new releases.

The BioSense Redesign team is open to more feedback on how the BioSense collaboration website could serve our stakeholders better.  Please share you feedback at

 Until next time, stay tuned!

Rita Sembajwe, MSPH

BioSense Redesign Team Member