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BioSense 2.0 Upcoming Design Changes

posted Aug 29, 2012, 12:34 PM by Kelley Chester

Over the last couple years, the BioSense Redesign team has taken a user-centered iterative approach to system design. This means that system functionality and design is drawn directly from the public health community. The approach also means that we are constantly iterating, fixing bugs, making changes to the interface and listening to feedback in order to make this a system for (and by) the community of surveillance practitioners.

Our plan in the coming year is provide a detailed view of what changes are planned based on the feedback we received. Of course, the team is always open to feedback and the plan is open to discussion and deviation.
The next few weeks will entail a number of design changes that have been requested by the community. These include:
  • There are a number of complaints about the lack of intuitiveness around the center function bar. Many have said they can’t find it and if they do, the features do not get saved with their view. Therefore, these features will be moved into the left hand navigation where the features will be obvious and can be saved.
  • Along with the first design change, there has been some discussion about the usability of the left hand accordion and some bugs identified in Internet Explorer. We will be redesigning this part of the page for easier use.
  • Many users have questions about the data they are viewing and the lack of clarity on a variety of characteristics. For instance, is the geographic data geocoded to home address or hospital facility? Also, users have asked for more details on the data they have access to.  We will be improving our messaging on the site (both visually and by text) throughout. 
  • Clarity has been also requested on the Epidemic Intelligence layer. We will provide more detailed description in the form of tooltips.
  • We will be improving the map functionality so that automated zooming is appropriate to the query.
  • Users have also noted the lack of functionality around setting alarms. In particular, there is no on/off switch. We will be adding the on/off switch and improving the overall functionality of the alarms window.
  • Saving views has also created some confusion. Many users are not sure when a new view has been saved and whether they are replacing older views. We will be building ‘Save As’ functionality to provide more clarity.
  • In the backend, we will continue to improve performance of the system. In particular, we are in the process of improving the algorithms for alert detection built in R. 
The BioSense Redesign Team