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About Silvia

Passion for knowledge was a connection while I was surrender by my personal healing.

Knowing from the beginning

From an early age I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I always find myself listen people a concern about their well-being. In high school, I spent most of my Saturdays doing community work with abandon children.  When it was time to choose a profession, psychology seemed the perfect fit.

Passion for knowledge

While studying for my psychology education in Argentina, I worked as an intern in a public hospital where I develop my appreciation to my client because they where the inspiration for my passion for knowledge. During this period I took different training. During that time and doing my internship I realize how important is to see my client as a whole and not to create that old separation to treat mind separate from body. In my first interview with a client I always try not only about their emotional situation but also their health concerned and how they were addressing them. I used to work close with their primary care physician. I was always learning about how some medical condition could affect their emotional unbalance.

The work

While was living in Argentina, I spent the first five years of my career engaged in after-hours studying. In search of stress and pain relief, it was exhausting and utterly rewarding. After several years, I switched focus to my career because I moved to United States. I worked long days at a busy clinic. 

Finding my bliss

Moving to United States was quite challenging but at the same time I manage to still doing psychotherapy because I love it. I also started learning different healing approaches that it enhances more my practice. To me, solving patient problems is like winning a prize because I get to play a role in my patient's participation in activities that are enriching to their souls and central to their happiness.

Living my passion

I understand first-hand how frustrating it is to deal with a trauma or pain limit your ability to do the things you love or trust. I've had the misfortune of dealing with some personal traumas. Each time I have learned something more about myself and, more importantly, about the healing process and I'm able to carry this knowledge into my work with others.

Working with you

To be able to pursue that brings you the most joy. This is my goal and my invitation for you. Call me today to schedule your initial assessment.