§  This approach is holistic, through an understanding & integration of body,mind and energy, we can reach balance and well-being.

§  This transformation will take place by integrating healing knowledge from different cultures.

§  Human beings have the capacity of auto-transformation, once they connect with their core, they realize their nature and power and can generate an opening that lead them to their own transformation. 

§  Individuals coaching in the following areas:

    • Exploring the shift and path you want to take in your life.
    • Developing harmony between who you are and your self-expression.
    • Experiencing the joy of taking risks and and live your own passion.

§  Individuals, couples, families and children counseling in the following areas:     

    • Life transition
    • Challenges in relationships.
    • Depression, grief, and anxiety......
    • Social phobias
    • Traumas


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