Integrated Bio-Psycho-Energetics Therapies                                                                          Taking the easiest path to reach your equilibrium and wellbeing!                              

"Everything in your life is there as vehicle for your transformation. Use it"                         
                                                                                                                                                                          Rams Dass


The answer for all your mind and body distress 


Integrated Bio-Psycho-Energetics Therapy combines elements of Shamanism, Tibetan Medicine,  Psychology, Bioenergetic and Biomagnetic therapy. 

Integrated Bio-Psycho-Energetics Therapy helps to get to the root of an issues and provides long lasting results. Healing can happen quickly and effectively.

You will receive a step-by-step to create a peaceful life.

This technique will awake your internal knowledge

The body knows how to heal itself but sometimes we need to understand what gets in our way. This technique will help you to connect with yourself, by listening to where you are in the present moment. The intention is to cultivate an open communication so that your body's internal healing knowledge surround you.

In relation to yourself

There are ways for loosen patterns of tension. You'll get relief from pain resulting from repetitive stress and more. I also hold space for emotional distress to come up and facilitate its release. I work with trauma from abuse, depression, anxiety.